The Next 30 Days, It Pays To Be Organized

The Next 30 Days….Day 20

Indeed it does! Organization will only help you in your endeavors online to be more successful, not only will it save you time, but also increase your productivity. There are many online marketing tools that were created to help you do things faster, simpler, so that you can spend more time doing the things that really make you more money. I try to organize everything I possibly can, from writing down all my log ins and referral I.d.s to bookmarking everything in specific groups, anything that can speed up my access to the programs and important sites I use. We all are very busy the way it is, there is no sense wasting time trying to find something when you can set it up to be at a mouse click or a flip of a page.

I can not stress enough the importance of taking some time to get organized, and if you start that way from the beginning and keep your self that way, it will become a habit, and success will come that much faster. Another thing that organization helps with, is information overload, it is easy to become stressed out when you have papers lying all over the place, cant find anything, have to constantly have your usernames or passwords emailed to you because you cant remember them. You will also get a lot more accomplished each day, when you have written tasks for the day, your daily action plan, this helps you to not become side tracked and go off into lala land, I know I have done it a million times before I started writing an action plan for the day.  I would start doing one thing, and two hours later be doing something I never intended to do, and realized I didnt get sh#t accomplished that was actually productive. The way I figure it, everyday that I can save 20 or 30 minutes, is 20 or 30 minutes more I can spend building traffic, and if you add up all those 20 and 30 minutes I would have lost each day for an entire year, thats a lot of lost income, because that would have been time I was just wasting, doing something that wasnt productive. I have it set up now, that as soon as I sit at my computer in the morning that with in 5 minutes I am surfing 13 traffic exchanges, it is the first thing and the last thing I do each day.

A very wise man once told me , well several times actually before it sunk in. Write it down! Your goals, your focus, your daily action plan, what you need to get accomplished each day. I know you can remember it, ya, ya, I said the same thing, now seriously, WRITE IT DOWN!

Some Ideas

Write it down, keep everything in notebooks organized

Bookmark everything in groups

Use tabbed browsing, such as mozilla firefox, crazy browser, google chrome

Create email filters

Automatic form fillers, a click of your mouse and you have just joined that new traffic exchange (no typing)

Save everything you write for future use (copy and paste)

Protect your computer, (dont want your computer taken over or crashed) theres a lot of lost time

Online Marketing Tools

Trafficwave– build and manage your email list

viralmailprofits– organizes all your safelist

Te Command Post– organizes all your traffic exchanges

Traffic hoopla– promote one link gain referrals in the top traffic resources online

Vitalviralpro– track all of your advertising with one campaign

Instantsplash– create splash pages in minutes

Now on to the results for the day.

1. I added 9  new subscribers to my email list yesterday.

2. I added 1  new  traffichoopla members.

3. I added 1  new TE Profits members.

4. I added  2  new 10k Team members.

5. We still have only 1 new partner taking on this challenge with us, Come on and step up to the plate, yes you! You will see some of his post through the comments section. 4 More to go! It is never to late to start!!  I know you have it in you..Please come join us, it is invigorating to the soul to challenge yourself, not to mention it helps the old pocket book, the holidays are coming fast upon us. I will find you, I know you are out there..

6. I completed my blog posting today honoring my commitment for today.

Any one else willing to take on this challenge with me please read this post 30 day Traffic exchange challenge. If your willing to commit to the challenge please post in the comments who you are and when you are starting, any goals that you have, to hold your self accountable. Then each day come back and post your comments again about your days work or any results you have been getting from your effort. Here are my Next 30 days challenge goals.

Remember everything that is tied into my goals, hinges from me building my email marketing list, this is my focus, and my purpose. Build ongoing daily traffic and divert that traffic to my splash and squeeze pages. During this next 30 days, the only results for the most part that I will be showing you are the ones that are tied into my goals each day. Yes, I get referrals everyday to traffic exchanges and safelist and other advertising programs, and they pay. I just want to narrow my focus, my email list is the first and foremost goal, it builds everything else.

I will be here to help you, every step, every day. Start Here

Happy surfing my friends!

To Your Success And Happiness


Richard Weberg

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One thought on “The Next 30 Days, It Pays To Be Organized

  1. So true. With the many task that go along with the challenge, being organized is key to being productive. It’s a lesson I’m still learning, but getting better at.

    Results:116-125 clicks at 11 exchanges. Processed 65 emails for mailing credits. 1 new email list subscriber.

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