The Next 30 Days, We Have Plenty Of Snow Now!

The Next 30 Days….Day 12

Remember how we have talked about building  our snowballs in previous post? Well we got dumped on last night and all of yesterday, so today we had to get plowed out, and the snow was up to the hood of my wife’s car, WOW! The good thing, we now have plenty of snow to make our snowballs bigger. LOL, I told you I have a weird sense of humor. Anyway, another day, another step, this is what we do, we build ongoing daily traffic, without traffic all online businesses are dead. Then we convert this traffic into business partners and income. We are in this together you are not alone. Riches will not come over night, nor tomorrow or next week, you must learn and understand delayed gratification to be successful online, have a purpose and a goal and stick to it day in and day out.

It kinda works like this…………First you work, work, work, work, work, work, work and then you get paid a little. Then you learn a little more and become somewhat experienced so you work, work, work, work, work, work, and once again you get paid, but this time you get paid twice. Now you role up your sleeves and think hey I am really starting to understand this so you……………………, work, work, work, work, so Wow you get paid, paid, paid! Your really starting to fly along now so you work, work, work, work, and GET PAID A WHOLE LOT MORE!…………Finally after some time has passed you have started to become somewhat of an expert other people are relying on you for help and now it seems like every time you work you get paid, paid, paid, paid, paid, paid, paid!

That is kinda how most businesses work online or off…… get paid less or nothing in the beginning when you are doing all the work and get paid a ton of money later when you are hardly doing anything. You just have to make it through your learning curve, how long that is only time will tell, and you will never find out if you give up. That was the first decision I made when coming online to make money, that I wouldn’t quit no matter how long it took. Your attitude will get you a long way.

Another day of traffic building, another day of results.

1. I added 13 new subscribers to my email list yesterday.

2. I added  1  new  traffichoopla members.

3. I added -0- new TE Profit members.

4. I added  1  new 10k Team members.

5. We still only have 1 new partner taking on this challenge with us, Come On! You will see some of his post through the comments section. 4 More to go! It is never to late to start!!  I know you have it in you..Please come join us, it is invigorating to the soul to challenge yourself, not to
mention it helps the old pocket book, the holidays are coming fast upon us. I will find you, I know you are out there..

6. I completed my blog posting today honoring my commitment for today. Any one else willing to take on this challenge with me please read this post 30 day Traffic exchange challenge. If your willing to commit to the challenge please post in the comments who you are and when you are starting, any goals that you have, to hold your self accountable. Then each day come back and post your comments again about your days work or any results you have been getting from your effort. Here are my Next 30 days challenge goals.

Remember everything that is tied into my goals, hinges from me building my email marketing list, this is my focus, and my purpose. Build ongoing daily traffic and divert that traffic to my splash and squeeze pages. During this next 30 days, the only results for the most part that I will be showing you are the ones that are tied into my goals each day. Yes, I get referrals everyday to traffic exchanges and safelist and other advertising programs, and they pay. I just want to narrow my focus, my email list is the first and foremost goal, because it builds everything else!

When you first start out, everyday you work, will not produce fruit, it is just like planting a seed and watching it grow in stages, you will eventually reap the  fruit (income) you worked so hard for. The hardest part is always in the beginning, when you have to plow the field, and get the soil ready, then the planting is a little easier, keeping the weeds out and watering is even a little easier, then your crop finally starts to grow little by little everyday, and as long as you keep watering your crop it keeps growing until eventually the fruits of your labor start appearing, a little more each day until finally you have a full blown harvest!!  And yes, I know we are building snowballs, but I just liked this analogy, I wanted to forget about all the snow for a minute and pretend it was spring 🙂

I will be here to help you, every step, every day.

Onwards and forwards, we keep going, focused and determined, we will WIN!

To Your Success And Happiness

Richard Weberg

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