The PureLeverage Compensation Plan Review And How It Will Work For You

First off, What is Pure Leverage…

is an online opportunity that leverages the power of its member base to make YOU money without experiencing the common challenges, problems, or pitfalls that most go through when attempting to start a successful home based business.  PureLeverage has amazing products and services that every business online needs, and also has 100% commissions. Yes, I said One Hundred Percent Commissions.  Many people believe the PL compensation plan will revolutionize the internet marketing arena as we currently know it. Their are affiliates that have made well over $10,000 in the first 8 days after launch. The launch just took place March 4th.

For roughly $25/month, I’m confident any business owner, manager, or affiliate will take a close look at this product package and see the unlimited potential of making and growing a business with the pure leverage marketing system, you can market any business with this phenomenal system!

So what exactly is the Pure Leverage system?

Elite online marketing coaching (rivals any $300 program out there)

Lead capture/management system (rivals Aweber, GetResponse, etc)

A professional blog (sleek design setup and hosted for you)

Traffic generation coaching program (for low cost and viral)

Video email service (rivals Talkfusion and Iwowwe)

Live online meeting room (rivals TF, IW and Go2meeting)

Testimonial generator (use for any business)

Insiders club access and A-to-Z home study course

                          100% COMMISSIONS PAYOUT


How Does Pure Leverage Work?

Pure Leverage is the best software suite for internet marketers (beginners or experienced

The entire system is valued at over $500 per month!

Pure Leverage is a superior opportunity (cash) with the right tools, low price, and excellent pay plan, and appeals to 250 million home based marketers.

Join Pure Leverage now for just $1 (7 day trial) then $24.95 per month.


The PureLeverage Compensation Plan Review And How It Will Work For You – 100% Commissions…and more

OK, so I wanted to go into more detail about how the Pure Leverage Compensation Plan works
When Pure Leverage says that they pay out 100% commissions all day, every day… they DO…, it may not be EXACTLY how you think it works…

See, what happens in the Pure Leverage Compensation Plan Review is this:
Take a Look At a Graphical Example of The Pure Leverage Compensation Plan…

Month 1 – Pure Leverage Pay Plan

You get 100% commissions from your DIRECT referrals
So, for the FIRST month you are a member of Pure Leverage, you earn 100% commissions from ALL people you PERSONALLY sponsor. If your members just have the $24.95 Marketing Suite package, then you would earn 100% on that = $24.95

If your direct referrals UPGRADED to the VIP Syndicate package ($97 per/month), then you’d EARN 100% of that also… = $97.00
So let’s say you sponsored 10 people in your first month… and 5 of those people upgraded to VIP Syndicate.
10 x $24.95 = $249.50
5 x $97 = $485.00
Total INCOME – first month = $734.50
Now, let’s move on to Month 2… because things change slightly…
Month #2 Onwards – Pure Leverage Compensation Plan

You get 50% DIRECT commissions from your DIRECT referrals
Month #2 onwards – You get 50% matching check of direct sponsors total income

So, now you move into the 2nd month…
Your income from your DIRECT referrals would HALF… so now you’d earn = $367.25 per month from them… + 100% on any new people for that month…so say you sponsor 5 more yourself as well. 5 x $24.95 = $129.75, for this example we will say 2 take the 97.00 dollar vip upgrade. So another $194.00

… and here’s the BEST part.
You now EARN 50% on ALL sales from ALL the people you DIRECTLY sponsored.
So, let’s say from your 10 people from month 1… that 3 of them are earning $1000 each, because they’ve brought people in and shared the Pure Leverage Opportunity…
That means you earn 50% commissions from EACH of those people… which means that you would be earning:
3 x $500 (that’s 50% of the people earning $1000 each) = $1500 per month + $691.00 per month from your DIRECT referrals… =
$2191.00 per month in RESIDUAL commissions…after two months
…and that’s ONLY on a few people in your team.

Do you see how this is working, think about over time, no longer will you be working for tiny commissions, now thats true PURELEVERAGE!

Many of these other systems people try to build down levels, pay a dollar or less a person…its no wonder people quit them, some dont even pay you for what your downline do. If you had 500 people in pureleverage you would be making a boatload of money, no matter where they were positioned!!

So there you have it, every tool, every marketer needs for less, and a payplan that absolutely throws everything else under the bus!!

Join me, and you will get my personal help.

Click here now to get more info on Pureleverage and get started!


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