These are 2 very fun sites your going to love them!

Hey my friends, I just wanted to let you know,

That me and my partner Brenda have bought 2 more existing sites that were online,
well actually we bought 4…But I want to share 2 of them with you today,
because they are all about getting you more traffic..

Lots of it!! These are 2 very fun sites your going to love them!

Loot click

Easy Simple Money Maker

Loot click, is totally free to join and use, its really a fun site
You can buy ads there if you want as well, totally optional.
We even have a lootery where we give away free prizes every month, even cash!!

Easy Simple Money Maker, we have redone a little more,
and we added a downline builder, and a few other things.
You can even email your downline there (this is not the same as building your own email list
like we teach you how to in Your Eight Steps, Marketing Mastery with GVO and Pureleverage)

And MAKE sure when you sign up,  you immediately get your free sign up bonuses
This will give you a shit ton of traffic you can use to build your email list with or advertise what ever you want.

Traffic is the lifeblood of all businesses online.

To your success
Richard Weberg



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