Two Great Viral Traffic Tools With High Conversion Ratios

Hey everyone, I have had one heck of a day today, my water heater went out today and basically flooded my basement. 56 gallons of water all over the place, WOW!…………anyway it is all taken care of and I wanted to pass on these two viral traffic tools to you today before I get side tracked again. I have been using these two viral marketing sites for a while now and the conversion ratio has been excellent.

They are very simple and easy to use and will get you some really great traffic when used properly. Now you know I never leave you in the dust and always explain how I use a new traffic tool to get results and traffic. So today will be no different my friends I am always here to help you and I am just an email or phone call away.

First I am going to show you how these traffic tools work by showing you the links and what they look like after you generate your new links.

So click on the following links,  you will see some of the pages I am using to promote, and then wait a couple seconds and you will see the ads that pop up from the bottom. Now those ads are not mine, my actual ads will display on somebody else pages. But this gives you a good example of how it works. You do not need to know how to create html or anything else, all you do is plug in the splash page or squeeze page you wish to promote and it will generate the new link for you automatically.

After you have your new links set up all you need to do is promote your new viral urls in place of the normal urls that you plugged into the link generator. Then go to the ads section and set up your own ads that you will use your regular splash or squeeze page url as the destination url (where people should go when they click your ad)

Here is a couple  examples of a few of the many ads I have set up:

“Controversial Report Reveals  Secrets Most People Will

Never  Know About Making Money  With Traffic Exchanges!”

Destination url:

Second ad:

Click HERE Now to Explode Your Downlines!

FREE guide shows you exactly howthe Pro’s generate

huge downlines and commissions with Traffic Exchanges…

Destination url:

I am using both of these two viral marketing tools to build my email marketing list, I have 10 links and twelve ads set up in each one. I wanted to make sure I have enough links and ads in rotation so people do not see the same one everytime. They key is making some eye catching ads that will pop out, I find it very easy to create ads for anything I do, because all I have to do is log in my TEP back office and pull up my TEP splash or squeeze pages and pull the information from them and create a great looking ad, simple. When clicking on my TEP links above you will see on the page where I got the actual ad. Always have had great results this way with my ads.

Well on to the actual links to the sites so you can actually join and start getting some great converting traffic…..and earn more money! I will not go into the other benefits of the sites…….they do a better job of explaining it then I can………I just wanted to give you a little bit of information on how to use them.

Traffic Power Control

Viral Traffic Dominator

Now Do not  forget to join both, these two sites are dead on………

I need to do get some surfing done today………talk to you soon

To Your Success And Happiness


Richard Weberg

Let connect and be friends!

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