Update At TrafficHoopla, 2nd Join List-JungleClicksPro Traffic Exchange

Hello Everyone and sorry I haven’t posted in a little bit, been busy racking up credits…….

Just a quick post here about an update to Traffichoopla, the second join list has been updated with a new traffic exchange, JungleClicksPro. I joined and have been surfing it all morning, it is a really nice traffic exchange with some very good features, and you know if it is listed in the Traffichoopla downline builder it has been tested. Jungle Clicks Pro also have really cheap solo ads feature for only $2.99, great way to get some super quick exposure!

You can join as a free member, I received 250 credits for signing up and surfing 25 sites to fully activate my account, well I have surfed way more than that, but thats what you need to do to activate your account fully.

A side note, make sure when you join a site like JungleClicksPro or TrafficHoopla, you fill in those downline builders, so many people do not, and they lose tons of effortless referrals and commissions.

Happy Surfing My Friends
To Your Success And Happiness
Richard Weberg

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