URGENT for ALL Payza (formerly AlertPay) Users

This is true!



Now this does not mean that you cannot use Payza ( fund and receive
mon.ey) but of course it would stand to reason that if Admins cannot
use Payza anymore, they will not be able to pay you or accept
Payza money from You for these programs.

Payza (formerly AlertPay) will be closing out all mlms,
tiered-payment, investment, shares, matrix, and cycler type
programs on the 20th of July … this month.

They have opened a new payment processor, though, that will
not bow to US Fed pressures which is offshore in Belize.

It is called “Egopay”, and it will be a necessary tool for many
of your programs.

You don’t need to fund it to Join!

Join here and be ready:    https://www.egopay.com/?17c47

I signed up in about 3 minutes.

I would suggest getting in now, even if you have no immediate need for
another payment processor.

It will most certainly come in handy at a later date.
and you will receive 1% of any transactions your referrals make for life!


Richard Weberg

Let connect and be friends!

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