Viral Ad Pays, New Advertising And Revenue Share Site Launched Today

Hello my friends, you may or may not be interested in this..

Viral Ad Pays, A new advertising and revenue share site launched today.

Some people like these type of programs, others do not..

I am approaching this from an advertiser stand point,
meaning I am starting to use a couple of these types of sites to get more traffic to my offers.

There are literally thousand of people everyday who join revenue share programs,
so this means MANY potential people viewing your ads, and signing up in your programs..

So I decided to take advantage of it, and get some ads from a couple new ones that launched.

I chose new, because they will have a flood of people joining and clicking on ads..

And because of the way these programs are structured it gives you the most potential upside
in the beginning to profit from the revenue share portion of the program.

They have been known to burn out so to speak, meaning they last only so many years, or so long..

But again, I will be purchasing very inexpensive traffic from these, and using it to build my email list,
and my other programs. I have already had conversions. It is a complete VIRAL advertising platform and is structured to reach Thousands of Marketers in different sectors; You can reach your audience in several different ways; By email ads, banner and text ads or through traffic exchanges, and the directory.

I am always looking for good places to advertise in, and share with others.

With all that said, here is a video on Viral Ad Pays, the one I just set up, it launched today.
I walk you through how to join and set it up.

You can join me if you wish to from the link here.
Viral Ad Pays

P.S. This does not take away from me, and the other things I promote, like. YourEightSteps, Marketing Mastery, The gvo- teambuilder, 4 corners, etc.. This only helps me advertise them even more.. I am very focused, and take advantage of good advertising when I find it. I have watched people build up massive advertising with these revenue share sites..

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2 thoughts on “Viral Ad Pays, New Advertising And Revenue Share Site Launched Today

  1. Hey Richard
    How can you not like advertising that pays back in rev share i look at it if i don’t fill my pipelines of fresh opportunity seekers i don’t get New people joining my list which in return i wouldn’t get signups for my teams so the more places i get to advertise the better after all People Momentum Volume = $(checks) the money is the end result so i always chase New People and if i think its a good opportunity a percentage of my fresh seekers will so thanks for the new place to advertise and yes i’ve had a few optins already and its enabled me to buy more advertising shares with my revenue paid back to me Nice one 🙂

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