Vital Viral Is It A Downline Builder Or Ad Tracker?

Vital Viral Is It A Downline Builder Or Ad Tracker? Actually both

and a pretty darn good one at that.

A great retailer once said, “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.” When you advertise online, you CAN know which half is wasted…and which half is working. The key is to track all of your ads.

Endorsed by top traffic exchange owners, VitalViralPro is the ONLY system anywhere to not only help you generate extra traffic by building you downlines in multiple traffic exchanges but to help you dramatically improve your results from any traffic exchange by giving you exactly the information you’ve always wished you could get…

For nearly 3 years VitalViralPro has been helping people generate free traffic by helping them build downlines in multiple traffic exchanges. And along the way, VitalViralPro has continually evolved and innovated including being the first system anywhere to automatically track campaigns!

And now the latest innovation is the icing on the cake for anyone that uses traffic exchanges as part of their promotional activities. VitalViralPro is managing nearly 100,000 hits a day on behalf of its members and measuring the effectiveness of thousands of campaigns running across hundreds of traffic exchanges.

Tracking Your Efforts

IF what you want to track is responsiveness in the traffic
exchanges in order to find out which exchanges provide the most
subscribers to your capture page (opt in leads)…

THEN the easiest way I have found to do that is with VitalViral.

This amazing system provides capture pages that you
can customize with your own text to target a certain

audience. The capture pages will integrate with your TrafficWave autoresponder. The system also sends you a notice when you have a new lead signup from your capture pages.

AND the system automatically tracks displays of the
capture pages, where they were displayed, and how
many subscribers (leads) came from each exchange.

No tracking codes to mess with. Just a simple link that you
promote at ALL traffic exchanges for each capture page.

It does not get any easier, it may take you a little bit to figure it

out and set up, but its not half as confusing as a lot of other ad trackers.

As a free member there is a rule, with your new tracking url it will promote

your business 80% of the time and your vital viral affiliate link 20% of the

time and will track your results. This way your building traffic and tracking

the growth of your business at the same time.

The 20% promotion of VitalViralPro splash pages is promoting YOUR VVP

affiliate link. And as it explains in the guides to the mixed campaign, this is

to help you achieve the right balance of promoting VVP and your business – an 80/20 mix

of your business / your VVP site is a reasonable balance. Its not recommended to change this even as a pro member because you would be losing the automatic building of your downline in all those traffic exchanges. Most of you all ready using Real Traffic Exchange Profits system and are all ready a member of vital viral , if your not yet you can join here or in step number three on the right hand side of this blog.

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