We had a fantastic 5 minute mogul webinar last night!

Kimball filled is in on some exciting stuff happening, more money in the system! You got to like that.

There will be another webinar tomorrow night (Thursday) for those of you who missed Tuesday night.

Tomorrow night at 8:00 Eastern Time. Kimball will be holding a similar webinar but revealing even MORE great announcements, get registered for that webinar here: https://www2.gotomeeting.com/register/292207618

You can get a “teaser” about what we will be covering tomorrow, by watching the recording of last night’s webinar here: http://5minutemogul.net/weberg-team-webinar.html

We covered some AMAZING stuff.  Take some time to watch it ASAP and I guarantee you will be blown away.

The most exciting thing revealed is how the new comp plan will pay you on EVERY SINGLE PERSON in the Company…

Not just your personal referrals, not just your downline, but also your UPLINE, People who have come in before you, AND people who are OUTSIDE your upline and downline…

Literally EVERY PERSON in the company you will earn commissions from, and you can qualify for those commissions without having to spend a DIME…

Check it out here: http://5minutemogul.net/weberg-team-webinar.html

If you have not joined 5 minute mogul yet you can do so free here:



See ya Thursday at the webinar!



Richard Weberg




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