We have updated our 6+ Figure funnel, Important Updates for everyone!

As many of you have and are using our 6+ Figure Funnel. We wanted to make sure and let you know, that we have made changes to the funnel.

So many changes that for those of you that have the older one set up already, it will be simpler, to just follow the instructions and set up the new one.

We highly recommend using the new one, as our testing for it, the conversions are Waaaay higher, which will bring you even more income.

We added an income stream.
We also wrote for YOU 42 follow up emails for the new funnel..

This new funnel is available to everyone.

Step 1. Go here, and opt-in

Step 2. Go here and follow the instructions

Step 3. Join the brand new private facebook group here, we just created the group yesterday, so we can give everyone EXCLUSIVE access to both me and John.

We will be sharing everything we are doing with this new funnel, every email we send, every swipe file, every traffic source, everything!

Following this new done for you funnel and using it, will help you create a 6+ income even faster!!

And you can literally Copy and Paste your way to 6+ Figures..And automate the entire income building process..

2019 is definitely going to be your year my friend!!

Keep in mind, no advice or marketing program works unless you do. And we cannot help you, unless you login to your accounts, read, setup, and make use of the excellent resources before you.

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