We want you on our TEAM..Things are getting CRAZY!

Yes, we are exploding with growth and would love to have you join us,

very exciting times here for Youreightsteps members, we are absolutely

growing by leaps and bounds, and am super excited for future growth for our members!

 Come join us and finally succeed online, we want you to join us, and we will help and support you..



Joanne Toydemir After working online a few years, I discovered Richard’s blog and writings online and I thoroughly believe YourEightSteps was formed from his heart to dedicate his efforts to help others understand the how to’s to reach onlline success, Upon joining YourEightSteps, I found both he and Brenda highly responsive to my many queries and I highly applaud them both for their professionalism and expertise! One can truly trust their marketing system, skills and tools essential to branding yourself and your business.


Carl Davies That is pure value and love this system. You’re over delivering in a big way. Thanks for everything you are doing to help us build over business online…


George Coppola To continue “Your Eight Steps” is a quick education to this world of Online Marketing. Richard has the ability; must professional ; warm personality as a mentor role in teaching .Thank you

George Coppola I am considered a Newbie to the world of Online Marketing, however after signing up with Richard and Brenda who by the way are two of the most kind people you want to meet.


Okay, we are offering something totally different and we are kicking butt, why because we actually do help people, I am very proud to say..I dont want to be put into a class of non responsive owners or admins who do not help people.


We love our members, and together we are achieving great things!!



Richard Weberg

Let connect and be friends!

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