What Is The Purpose Of Advertising With Safelist Like List Joe??

What Is The Purpose Of Advertising With Safelist Like List Joe or anywhere else for that matter, forums, traffic exchanges, safelist, social networks, free ad sites?

Is it to send them a link with your main affiliate url or website link?
Is it to send them a product link and hope that they buy?
Is it to send them a new business launch?

The answer is none of the above, if you do business this way you will be like I was. I worked 9 hours a day marketing for two years and made $200 bucks??
Really, then one day while surfing one of my favorite traffic exchanges I came across a ad that I had to subscribe to get more information. I opted into a email form that sent me an email series that taught
me how to effectively advertise online. I made more money in the next 30 days then I
did the two years prior with a quarter the effort. It didnt take me long to figure out there was a more effective way to advertise!

If You are advertising the way I was you are a big lunk head, now slap yourself and listen………If You want to make serious money and not waste your time clicking away your life.

You NEED an Autoresponder and not just any autoresponder, you also NEED email optin forms and splash pages. You ONLY and I mean ONLY advertise anywhere using a page that has a email optin form or leads to one so people can subscribe to your list, so you can follow up with them. This benefits both you and your prospect, the prospect can get more information with out having to search for it, you get to send them more information and offers on a regular basis.

Remember this” Research says that prospects need to be exposed to your offer an average of 7 times before they will make a decision to purchase or join a business offer from you.
How Do You Accomplish this, with an autoresponder, and trafficwave is the only one that will pay you as well ten levels deep. An autoresponder is an email marketing system that lets you send a series of pre written email messages 52 weeks a year to your list “Get IT”

Now you have done the work once and they will see your message 7 times or more, and you can advertise to this list other offers. This is how you get income on autopilot, their is no other way. You do the work once and get paid over and over again from your effort. Would you rather spend hours a pawn hours searching for business partners and customers every time you would like to sell something?

Heres something you also will want to understand, you use safelist and list builders to build your list because its not really your list until they subscribe from you. Your own list that you own is 10 times more responsive to your offers. (You have no relationship with them until they are on your list)

No List, No Follow Up, No Conversion=No Sales

Now that you know how to advertise more effectively, get started….This blog has laid out simple step by step instructions that teach you about autoresponders how to set them up, we even give you prewritten email letters. The best places to advertise and a whole bunch of other information for making you more money and if you have never made your first dollar online yet, you will with this system “It walks you by the hand step by step”

If you havnt joined list joe yet, heres the link

Bottom Line…It Works. I have a constant steady stream of opt in leads using List Joe. The best part? My List Joe opt ins are one of my highest sales conversions % of all my many avenues of driving leads using my autoresponder!

If Your Not Using an autoresponder with List Joe and Your other advertising you are making A Huge Financial Mistake! The Only to way to make real long term profits online is with email marketing.

To Your Success
Richard Weberg

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