What Makes Splash Page Surfer So Different?

What makes Splash Page Surfer So different? Well, they have preloaded all the promotional material from all the top traffic exchanges, list builders, safelists, ebooks, and other internet marketing tools. They have over 400 splash pages (and growing) in their system so you can setup your promotions with just a point and click! No more copying and pasting urls. Instead you can see thumbnails of all the promotional pages for any opportunity and you just click the one you want to use. Easy as that!

However, there is much more to this system than just ease of use. They also keep track of stats for all the sites, banners, and text ads in their system. This means you have real information to help you decide which promotions to use. See how many members are using a particular site, banner, or text ad. Sort the banners by click thru rates to find which ones are most likely to generate results. There is serious stats power here!

Splash Page Surfer is the latest traffic exchange from Matthew Graves, one of the pioneers of the traffic exchange industry Working online for over 10 years, he has created WebBizInsider and TopTierTraffic, two respected and very responsive traffic exchanges. Splash Page Surfer will certainly be no different, with innovative features and multiple ways to promote your products.

The downline builder that is integrated into this program is first-rate. Make sure you enter all your referral ids for the Recommended Programs (You get free credits for everyone that you enter). Get a whole list of great benefits, including the ability to email 6 levels of your downline.

I have been a member of all Matthew Graves traffic exchanges since there inceptions, they are some of the best in the business!

To Your Success And Happiness
Richard Weberg

P.S. There is much more to this program than first glance. Once you join, dig into the member’s area and see all there is to offer. When you do join, make sure you take a close look at the one-time offers for Premium Membership! Premium Members receive random referrals from Matthew’s promotions, and with close to 200,000 members in his other programs, you are guaranteed a downline if you upgrade.

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