Why Is Stacking Your Income So Important In Online Marketing?

How Do You Make The Most amount of money in the least amount of time……………with the least amount of effort? This is the first question you should be asking yourself when starting any business……….The answer in online marketing is, by stacking your income. Why is stacking your income so important?

1. The top half of any affiliate program pays the highest commissions,  take a look at whatever business you are in now and you will see that  your commissions you get paid from referrals is a lower amount the further you go down the levels. The people who make money understand that everyone WON’T do the same thing… and that it takes a LOT OF WORK and a LONG TIME to fill a matrix and keep it filled.

2. The average person only refers just two people to any one affiliate program, basically out of 100 people you refer to any online business, 90 of them have the ability to sponsor  just two people over time and then they will quit, the other 10 will have the ability to do a lot more, but when will your 10 show up?

3. Online businesses come and go like the wind, Dot com business failures have been exceeding high. The vast majority of Internet “Biz Opps” are NOT intended to last for more than a few months.

If you have not read this book Stop Being A Victim, $5 is not to much to spend to arm yourself with knowledge if you are really serious about making money online, the right way. Knowledge is power, nobody can take it away from you!

4. 90 percent of all online businesses are pure crap or outright scams! They WILL tell you that making money on the Internet is the easiest thing in the world… so easy that you can do it while you’re sleeping… so easy that their 12-year-old can do it… so easy that you can make money working just ten minutes a day… or even not working at all. Just click that pay button and you’re on your way to a life of unbelievable wealth and indescribably luxury!

5. The one biggest success-killer on the Internet today is distraction… trying to do too many things at once… trying to build too many programs at the same time. Just remember this… if you intend to succeed, you MUST choose ONE business and FOCUS 100% of your available time, effort, energy, and resources making that business successful!

So how do you Stack Your Income And Avoid All These Pitfalls??  The answer is so simple………You let your email list work for you. (You Focus On One Thing, Building Your List) Thats it, then you introduce people to you and your business through your list.

How can Stacked Income let you earn more money without doing any more work?
Simple. Stacked Income lets you do one thing and earn more than one income for your efforts. You simply stack one income on top of another. You did one thing…….built your email list, and if your business is like mine it will introduce people to multiple facets of how I build my business.

Have you ever heard the phrase…………Do Not Put All Your Eggs in one basket?   Why is this so important? Because if something happens to your basket……….ALL your eggs will break.

It is no different in online marketing, if you build one single affiliate program or business and something happens to that one single affiliate program or business, guess what, you will have nothing left for all your work and you will have to start completely over. Affiliate programs, online businesses come and go like the wind…….this is why the most important, desirable, inteligent single action you can do is email marketing or list building.

Building a list of subscribers gives you the ability to make more baskets or diversify your income………spread out your eggs (without spreading out your time). Now in spreading out your eggs, does it not make more sense to get paid $100 from 20 programs a month instead of getting $2000 dollars a month from one program?? What if something happens to your 1 basket? You guessed it your out of business………

Keep in mind you will never build 20 affiliate programs up to $100 commissions a month trying to promote them all individually.…..never! This is why the people who make there living online focus almost all there attention, and effort to building a successful email marketing list, not only does it work , but it is the number one form of communication online.

Building a long term successful business online takes, focus, dedication, more focus, hunger, yet more focus, hard work…..and yet again more focus.

To Your Success And Happiness


Richard Weberg

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By the time you finish reading this ebook Stacked Income, I think you’ll agree that Stacked Income is far more powerful than anything you’ve ever seen. Period.

If you want to create a life-changing income, being able to stack one income on top of another becomes VERY important because it makes it possible for you to earn more money without doing any more work.

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