Why Trafficwave Has The Best Email Marketing Autoresponders

Trafficwave Autoresponders And Affiliate Program

A Lot of network marketers are using excellent autoresponders such as Aweber, Get Response and iContact. These are all excellent companies with great service and track records.

But If you’ve been following some of the popular forums, twitter,
facebook, etc… you may have seen that some big names and
company owners are switching from Aweber And Other AutoResponders to TrafficWave.net for their Email Marketing services.

The  area where most Autoresponder services fall short  is in their compensation andemail deliverability rates, and what is one of the main things as internet marketers we are after, Money! My entire team knows this too.

“iContact pays 0 levels. Aweber pays 1 level. Get Response pays 2 levels. But TrafficWave, as we all know, pays 10 levels!”

Flat Rate Pricing – No Long-Term Contract

While other companies charge you more as your lists grow, TrafficWave is always a low monthly subscripton of just $17.95 per month.

That’s less than sixty cents a day for powerful email marketing tools.

You can easily increase sales and dramatically reduce your marketing costs with TrafficWave’s Email Marketing tools.

Compare To The Competition:

The table below show a comparison of what some of the other autoresponder services charge compared to TrafficWave’s low monthly flat rate:

List Size: Aweber Constant Contact iContact GetResponse TrafficWave.net
0-500 $19.00 $15.00 $10-$14* $18.00*


501-2,500 $29.00 $30.00 $14-$29 $28.00


2,501-10,000 $49-$69* $75.00 $29-$74 $45.00*


* Pricing info is a range and will vary based on list size and other variables

Why Pay More?

With TrafficWave, budget is the last thing you’ll need to worry about. At less than sixty cents a day, your organization can’t afford NOT to use TrafficWave’s powerful email marketing autoresponders.

Move Your Lists Today!

Here Are Some Of Trafficwave’s Features

* Manage Unlimited Lists.
Whether you manage one list or 500, your account gives you access to as many AutoResponders as you need to manage all of your email marketing campaigns for just $17.95 per month.

* Unlimited Subscribers In Each List.
Each of your AutoResponders can handle an unlimited number of subscribers. Start small and build your email marketing lists as you go. Your TrafficWave AutoResponder will grow with you.

* Collect As Much Data As You Want.
From basic name and email information to specific demographic responses, each AutoResponder can be customized to collect the information you want to target your subscribers as wide or narrow as your email marketing needs dictate.

* Schedule Broadcasts With a Mouse-Click.
Set up your AutoResponder to send a special offer or letter to a single subscriber, a group of subscribers or your entire database with a single click. Send your broadcast instantly or schedule it to go out at a later date. Great for reminders and seasonal offers!

* Track Your Open Rates
See exactly how your email marketing messages are performing. Track Open Rates to see exactly how many of your messages are actually being opened by your subscribers.

* Track Your Click-Throughs
Using our powerful AdTracking technology, you can track the effectiveness of each letter in your Email Marketing campaigns. In addition, this same technology can track any online advertising. You can know which ads are producing subscribers and even more important… which letters are converting those subscribers to customers.

* Easily Create Opt-In Forms For Your Web Site.
Easily integrate AutoResponder subscription forms into your own web site by copying form code from your back office. Subscription forms can be customized to look and feel like a seamless part of your web site. This is a great way to boost your Email Marketing lists.

Free Trial of Email Marketing Tools with TrafficWave
* Use Our Convenient Opt-In Forms.
Your TrafficWave account also includes a variety of capture pages that you can customize and use to start gathering subscribers. Simply choose the capture page look and feel you want to use and start your promotion.

* Send HTML or Text Messages.
Your TrafficWave AutoResponder account includes full access to our powerful HTML WYSIWYG Editor. Even if you can’t spell “HTML”, you can be creating powerful professional looking follow-up messages in no time. As easy to use as your word processor! Watch this training video for a free demonstration.

* No Complicated Programs to Download or Install.
Opening your account takes less than 5 minutes. There are no downloads and no complicated installation processes. Simply complete our online signup form, create your messages, and either add forms to your own web site or start using our pre-designed capture pages to gather subscribers.

* Unlimited Free Customer Support.
Our online support team is always available to help you with questions about your new AutoResponder. We also have a discussion forum where other users share ideas, tips, and strategies. You can also watch free online videos to see exactly how to set up your AutoResponders. Free online help is never more than a mouse click away.

Trafficwave Affiliate Program

Get Paid Weekly

When you refer a new active Customer to the TrafficWave AutoResponder service, you will be paid 100% of the new sales revenue as a Fast Track Bonus.

Fast Track Bonuses are paid weekly and there is no limit to the number of Fast Track Bonuses you can earn each week.

To track Monthly Recurring Sales in your organization, TrafficWave uses a 3×10 Matrix structure. This means you can have 3 sales in your first level, 9 sales on your second level, 27 sales on your third level, and so on through ten full levels:

As you and your Customers continue to renew each month, you will earn Monthly Residual Commissions. In Total their are over four ways you will get paid.

Already with another autoresponder service and tired of paying too much? When you switch from another autoresponder service, we’ll move your current lists for you at no additional cost, bypassing the need for re-confirmation!

Click Here To Register For Your 30 Day Free Trial
And then contact our tech team to start the transfer!

Real Traffic Exchange Profits  system will walk you through setting up your autoresponder and will teach you step by step how to use an autoresponder and make money with it. All you need to do is go through the steps on the right hand side of this blog.

To Your Success And Happiness


Richard Weberg

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  1. You are 100% on the money! Most people I see view things in the short run and try to take every opportunity to promote or hype themselves instead of building credibility by helping others achieve their goals.

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