Why you should attend the Now LifeStyle national event in October..

Over the years of building businesses online and offline, I have attended hundreds of marketing events, seminars, and leadership conferences..They all have helped shape me in some way, and I can honestly say, that if I had not attended any of these, my online business would not be where it is today.

I most likely would still be struggling financially in my life as well. At these types of events, I made tons of very valuable contacts and made long lasting friendships, with some of the best marketers, and financial experts in the world. Learning from others who made it before me, helped elevate my own skills to the point of becoming one of the elite.

My entire thought process and belief system has been forever changed, because of the people I learned from, hung out with, and made friendships with at these events, the knowledge learned has been priceless!

I became a better total person..

So I implore you and all of our fellow Team Mates in Now LifeStyle to go to this next event, it will truly change your life!

My son and some other fellow Now Life Style leaders put on a web conference this past Saturday, to give everyone their perspective on why you should attend. Please watch it now.

Here is also a screenshot of some of the key speakers for the NowLifeStyle Event, and yes, I will be one of them, and can not wait to share with you all and meet you in person!

Look forward to seeing you all there! You can get your tickets in your NowLifeStyle back office.

If you have not joined our Now LifeStyle Elite Team yet, you should do so now.

To your absolute success in life
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