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  2. Hi, I do have a comment and I hope it does not make me seem vain. I look horrible on video and if I take a picture of myself it takes me a long time to find a pose that hides my bad parts.What I mean by this is mostly my eyes. I have an eye that was damaged and it droops half shut. I have bad dark circles under both eyes. I know that the eyes can be the thing that strangers look closely at to help make a thought about a person. I just plain feel ugly and that is why I hide behind some picture of flowers or some cartoon avatar.
    Do you have any suggestions on how I might get over myself and be happy with who I am now.


    • Hello Donna, and appreciate your comments, and sharing your feelings with some fears you have. We all usually are our own worst critics, and always seem to judge ourselves more harshly than others do. I use to hate hearing my own voice, so I was afraid to make videos, because I did not like the way I sounded..But eventually I did videos anyways, and after the first ones I did, people sent me comments and said they could listen to my videos all day, because of the deep conviction in my voice they heard..They thought I sounded great..So now I do videos all the time. Recently I developed rosacea and psoriasis on my face, so now I had to get over the fact my face is always red and blotchy, it bothers me, but I still do the videos..People need to see that despite life’s challenges and health problems we can face, that there is hope..Thats why you need to be brave and get past your fears, because you will inspire others. The best thing to do when starting, is what ever fear you have like your eye, tell people when you do video, you have a damaged eye, this will help you get past it, by just saying it on the video..Start telling your self good things, self talk, say to your self you are beautiful, and believe it…You can do this my friend!!

      Richard Weberg

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