Are you struggling to make money online because of the country you live in??

Are you struggling to make money online, because you live in a country, that you can not use paypal to send or receive payments, or they deny you entry into the program because of the country you live in, and turn down your credit or debit card payment?

This does happen to people in several countries, because in the past financial institutions experienced a very high rate of fraud from these countries. There are still some countries my bank here in the United States will not allow me to send funds to or even purchase anything from if the payment processor is located in a certain country.

So what this does is limit the online opportunities for the people of those certain countries, and makes it almost impossible for them to earn money online, without going searching all over the place to find a program where their are no barriers for them to send and receive money. Then the other half of the problem, is most of the honest and best money making programs online are all in English, so this creates another barrier..

Even the marketing program I co-own YourEightSteps, is in English only, and Paypal is are major payment processor. Now Paypal is in over 200 countries, but that still eliminates many other countries like the ones listed below.. These countries either have Paypal limits and restrictions, like can send money but can not receive or are banned all together or even blocked by that country.

Cote D’ivoire
Bouvet Island
British Indian Ocean Territory
Central African Republic
Christmas Island
Equatorial Guinea Haiti
Heard Island and Mcdonald Islands
Iran, Islamic Republic of
Korea, Democratic People’s Republic of
Lao People’s Democratic Republic
Libyan Arab Jamahiriya
Pakistan Papua New Guinea
Serbia and Montenegro
Syrian Arab Republic Zimbabwe

Nigeria holds the biggest potential market for PayPal considering that the West African country has an estimated 60 million Internet users according to statistics from Euromonitor.

Now the reason for this blog posting is because from time to time, in our marketing program YourEightSteps, we have to turn away members because they have no means to make payments or receive commissions because of the country they live in. It dosnt happen all that often, but we get only a few people every month, because most of the world can use Paypal or another major payment processor like Payza. So Since I do have readers here on my blog and people on my list from some of these countries listed above, I decided to search for an opportunity that provided some other alternative payment processors more widely accepted in the countries listed from above and at least had some sort of language translator on the site (We are also looking into this for YourEightSteps).

I searched for a program and found one so I didn’t have to keep turning these people away, I wanted to be able to have something that might work for them. I feel this was a responsibility I had to do, being the online opportunities I have been blessed with that have completely changed my life. I hated to see people not having any options to change their own life..

The other qualification the program had to have, was it had to be very inexpensive to join, and self funding, because many of the countries listed above live in extreme poverty as well.

So here is what I found, and am excited to share this with you, and even if your not from one of the countries listed above, you may have readers on your blogs or have people on your list that are and needing to see this, so I encourage you to join and share it with your list, the comp plan is fantastic! There is a language translator on the top of the site.

Four Corners Alliance Group

The comp plan

This may not be the answer for everyone with these barriers, I do hope this will help some of you..

Richard Weberg

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