Are You Taking Action And Marketing Your Business??

Are You Taking Action And Marketing Your Business Or Are You

Just Playing Around??


You say you want to make money online right? Do you realize that you need to take action to do this, just simply playing around with free programs is not going to fill your pockets with cash. Most online marketers are afraid to take action and risk anything, so most fail. You have heard the saying make money FAST ONLINE….Well you really can, but instead of following somebody’s advice when it comes to purchasing the proper tools you need, most try to do it their own way and they end up failing.


Do you realize that people have made millions online simply by building e-mail list with squeeze pages?? When you do this properly you can literally start seeing profits as soon as tomorrow..Really, I know this may come as a shock to most of you, especially those of you who struggle to just get free sign ups. Here is the problem, most of you are going about it the absolute wrong way and you do not know how to set up a proper system.

My advice especially if your new, do not try to do it all your self, it will take you years to figure it out, I know because thats how I started, I didnt make shit my first two years marketing online. Now I can set up a system in little as an hour that will start producing income for me by tonight!

I went to the school of hard knocks and now am smarter…..

Another HUGE, BIG,  mistake people do, is they only try to depend on free traffic…Good Lord man how long do you want it to take to start profiting?? I got news for you, most of the time free traffic takes 10 times as much to produce as good as results as paid traffic, it dosnt mean you give up on it, after all it is free, just do not depend upon it. You do not have enough time in a day to generate all the free traffic necessary to maintain a dependable income, unless literally you want to be glued to your computer screen 24/7. Over time you can, again only if you have the proper system set up to develop this traffic. This is why I learned to buy traffic as well as utilize free traffic from good sources, it quadruples my efforts and leverages my time so I can spend more time with my family doing the things I want.


A proper system is a must: Ill show you how to set one up and if you take action you will be seeing leads almost immediately after your advertz are approved. This system will have everything you need to start making profits tomorrow. autoresponder


3. Blog

I get all three from one source  GVOS Hostthenprofit  (9.97 a month) and they have a 1.00 trial


4.Monetization, products and squeeze pages, you can get them all from (super simple to set up)

5 Minute Mogul  


You choose, the squeeze pages are professional and they convert, thats the key, they convert. You want to make your own, then go a head, but I wouldnt, unless you are very good at it. You can save the homemade ones to practice on with your free traffic. What ever one you chose above will cost, cant remember how much I paid for either off the top of my head, and I bought them a while a go at a different price because I took action, when I first seen them. They both might even have 1.00 trials, Anyway both programs are excellent.


5. Paid Traffic, yes paid. Now just plug in your squeeze pages


Secret traffic source 1
You will need to go here >>>>>>> adfly
This is where we start to get the cheap clicks and subscribers really quickly.
This is something that has never been revealed by anyone until now… 🙂
Providing you have everything set up correctly – IE, your squeeze page and
your auto responder is collecting the leads – Then you are ready to start to
making money Now.
OK. Moving on…
Go here and set up an ADVERTIZER account; it’s simple enough. 🙂
Then click Create Campaign
There is a minimum PayPal deposit of 5.00.
I would recommend you use their WORLDWIDE + PROXY traffic, as that’s
what I use. WORLDWIDE is only 1.00 per 1000 & PROXY is just 0.40 per
1000 , which are both very cheap indeed.
Note: you can direct Adfly traffic almost anywhere so it can be very efficient. I also use some USA and Canada.

You should start to see subscribers in your account almost
immediately, once campaign is approved.
When I first tested this method I got 108 subscribers in only one hour!

I Have Been Quietly Using This Next Traffic Source For A
While Now…

Clixsense is fantastic for UNLIMITED USA/CAN/AUS/UK traffic
You can also get UNLIMITED WORLDWIDE traffic from Clixsense

Sign up for an account then click advertize then click manage my
ptc advertizing.

Once payment is approved all you need to do next is Click Assign
Ad Credits To This Advert (YOUR SQUEEZE PAGE AD)
I also just purchased a link on their clixgrid game for 17.00, in one day I received 584 clicks and 569 uniques, now I get 29 more days of traffic for that 17.00, OUTSTANDING! And I did nothing but purchase a link spot, and copy and pasted my url for my squeeze page. Thats it!


My third traffic source for fast profits.

Trafficswarm is by far the best converting traffic exchange I use, and I use a lot of them. I have been upgraded in trafficswarm for years.

It is the best, I rotate 10 ads, I never go below or above that…….but it produces some of the best quality leads.

Take action….and you will win! Now its up to you, take action now and start making money or sit their and do nothing, return to you old ways and maybe in a few years you will either have quit or you will still be banging your head against the wall??


A super simple process folks, people charge for this information, I just gave it to you for free.

Your business will grow rapidly using my methods. This is how you make money everyday, good traffic sources combined with a proper system=conversion.

Any questions or comments please post below would love for your feedback.


Richard Weberg

P.S. I am here to help you, but you must also help yourself. I guarantee you the people on my list and readers who are taking action are making money.

Let connect and be friends!

9 thoughts on “Are You Taking Action And Marketing Your Business??

  1. Nice post, Richard. I am already a member of all the sites you mention but I haven’t used them properly in the past. I am looking into new traffic and income sources as Seo has beaten me down recently. Traffic exchanges and safe lists seem to be a good way to go. You have some very good information on your blog and I am slowly reading thru everything you cover.

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  3. Hello Richard,

    I love your blog and I have read a lot and learnt a lot from your blog but this is my first time commenting 🙂

    Love this blog post. Many people fail simply because they fail to take action.

    I have a question. For, what does mean by proxy? By the way, have you tried advertising TE Profits with Will it be okay to advertise it there?

  4. Hello, and glad you like the blog and are learning from it. About proxy traffic, its just another source of traffic from adfly, one of the options I buy. I havent advertised TE Profit yet there, I always have used my squeeze pages to build my list.

    I guess you could do a small test with it say spend a small amount to see if it converts.

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