Frequently asked questions about the Four Corners Alliance Group

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions, that I get and people want to know before joining the Four Corners Alliance Group. I have been building my 4Corners Alliance Group business since October  2014, it has been an awesome experience!!

Four Corners Alliance Group

When was the Four Corners Alliance Group first launched and how long has it been online?

Answer: Four Corners Alliance group launched in March of 2013, so they have been going strong for the last almost 3 years now.

How many members are now in the Four Corners Alliance Group?

Answer: Over a 150,000+ people have joined Four Corners Alliance Group, since they launched. In the last 30 days, another 12,000 + people have joined. That is incredible growth!!

How much does it cost to join the Four Corners Alliance Group?

Answer: $18 one-time out of pocket expense…Any other future product cost come directly out of commissions earned automatically, it is one of the real geniuses behind the compensation plan.
And makes this opportunity affordable to anyone, looking to make money online. Because of this low cost many people have signed up their family members and friends who do not even market online.

This one-time $18 out of pocket cost, enables you to collect multiple commission payments of $4, $10, $24, $60, $120 over and over again..Plus a matching check bonus..There are 7 income streams in all.

Do I have to personally sponsor everyone in my levels in order to earn commissions from them?

Answer: No, you earn on every referral who joins your group, no matter if they came from your uplines efforts or your downlines efforts, you do not have to personally sponsor everyone.

Four Corners Alliance Compensation Plan

Can I make money fast with Four Corners Alliance?

Answer: Yes, Here is video proof, of what one person in our team accomplished in 6 months!(Video is only 1 minute 57 seconds long)

What are the Four Corners Alliance Group Products?

Financial Education Set

The first of our products is a robust set of 31 books, distributed through six
purchase levels, with timely and engaging Financial topics with a broad
spectrum of topics ranging from mindset and motivation to some serious financial education that will put the control back where it belongs–with you. We’ve placed a unique business emphasis on helping you reach your full potential and explode your income so you can take your lifestyle to thrilling new plateaus.

The Monthly Newsletter

In addition to the vast financial knowledge provided in these products, you also get a vibrant, information packed, monthly financial and lifestyle newsletter.

4Corners’ exclusive newsletter provides you with cutting edge, topical information to help you implement that knowledge to your greatest advantage so that you may have a strong, balanced approach to accelerated, generational wealth creation.

Produced on a monthly basis, these powerful newsletters keep you in the loop with timely information about Precious Metals, market movers, foreign markets, and lifestyle opportunities, AND can generate an incredible monthly income for you as more and more people make the intelligent choice to secure their independent incomes FAST.

As an added bonus, newsletter subscribers also receive a monthly live, web only, interactive conference call where members can ask experts from the financial world questions all their most burning questions about domestic and world markets.

The Retail Store

With Four Corners Alliance Group, you will also enjoy a ready-made Retail Store where non-members can purchase any of the products directly …. and, with the inherent value of these products, there will be many who do! Products in your Retail Store – and this includes the Monthly Newsletters – retail at the full price which is up to 33% more than your membership discount …. and guess what? That 33% goes directly to you as instant Retail Commission earned. A true win-win!


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Starien is a business-building library of cutting-edge content. It’s a network of like-minded entrepreneurs who constantly compare notes on how to run a successful online business.

How does the Four Corners Alliance Group pay commissions out?

You can receive your withdrawals in the following ways –
Direct Pay Express Debit Card (Most anywhere in the world),
ACH (US Only) – For amounts above $4000.00,
Bank Wire – For amounts above $4000.00.
Solid Trust Pay

How often are commissions paid?

Answer: Weekly

The 4Corners Alliance Group gives you the financial tools, training and guidance you need for
both yourself and the people you bring into the fold.

And this is a company that is growing faster than anything I’ve ever seen online.

We’re talking about a company that gives people rock solid, cutting edge financial products and
services, with stellar reputation and an elite support system designed for YOUR success.

Watch this video now to see the incredible Four Corners Alliance Group compensation plan.

You can Join our team here: Join Four Corners Alliance Group

Then after joining, send me an email at

And I will send you a link to our team building site, where we will give you all the exact same tools and marketing pages, we have used to explode our Four Corners Alliance group downlines.

To Your Success And Happiness


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