How do I advertise my online business the correct way and make money?

Could you imagine if everyone who wanted to make money online actually followed instructions from someone successful already?

And they just followed everything exactly as it was laid out for them, without hesitation..Meaning when they were told, that building their own email marketing list is the single most important thing they could do to make money online, that they just said okay, show me how to do it, and I will??

Holy crap, the money people would make!!! Seriously, its the
truth..Problem is most people are unwilling to follow instructions, they always think there is an easier way..People are always trying to find the easy way out..The push button to internet riches…

Now does push button to internet riches actually exist..YES, and No..Yes if you took the time, effort and money to build your email marketing list first and foremost and consistently emailed your subscribers, eventually you can send one email and make thousands of dollars, sometimes tens of thousands of dollars, by just hitting send…And No, if you think that you will not have to do any work or follow anyone’s instructions, and you refuse to build your email marketing list, then it will never happen, you will fail and waste your time and never make anything.

Okay, with all that being said, how do you correctly advertise online and make money doing so?

You have two routes you can go about advertising any program, websites or products

One of which is directly, this is the very bad way, because it is the follow up that gets
most people to join any program or buy any product online, and not advertising your program or sales pages
directly, its why 99.9% of my traffic is always directed to a squeeze page (opt-in page, capture page) and then my
autoresponder goes to work and follows up with them via email automatically. If you are not using an autoresponder in the process, you can never follow up with anyone, so if someone doesn’t buy or become a member the first visit, they are gone forever, because you have no way of following up with them.

It doesn’t matter what you are trying to sell online, it could be shoes, it could be toilet paper or a make money business opportunity, every page you send traffic to and advertise for, should have a opt-in form on it, that people can put in their information, so they can get more information, so you can follow up with them, and they can ask you questions..Now doesn’t that make sense??

Example: Lets say you sent 100 visitors directly to your programs sales page, and this page had no opt-in form on it for your own autoresponder, now 2 people purchased a product for $10.00, so you would have made $20.00

Now lets say you sent that same 100 visitors to a squeeze page first that complimented what you are advertising, and on that page was a form for people to put in their information FIRST to get more information, because they were curious and not ready to buy yet. Now after opt-ing in to receive more information, your squeeze page then redirects to the sales page as well. So not only have you had 30 people subscribe to get more information, but you also still made those two sales. You now have 30 potential more customers..You can follow up with, and promote other offers to as well. So now not only can you make a few instant sales, you can sell to those 30 people for as long as they stay a subscriber of yours. The bigger your list gets, the more sales you can make instantly at the click of the send button…

Do you now see why some people waste their time marketing and hardly make anything and those that are smart are making a ton of money??

Here is an example below of one of my current funnels I have set up, and I use in my current marketing, the program I am promoting is called 4 Corners Alliance, they have several financial literacy products. You will see exactly how this process works by following along below. This process can be set up for any niche online, you would just use different information on your pages for what you are trying to advertise, but this will show you an example of how this all works.

So a funnel goes like this, first all my traffic is sent to
my own squeeze page or capture page, it has an opt-in form on it, as you will see, this is where my advertising and traffic is all sent to

Then after they opt-in (Put in their information) they will be redirected to automatically this next page below, the landing page where
they are immediately directed to, after entering their
information in the above squeeze page. Now some people will immediately
sign up under me, some will not, and see if I did not
advertise a squeeze page first, then I wouldn’t be able to follow up with
anyone, so my advertising would be wasted then, because most people sign up in email follow ups, after they get more information, and not in the first visit.

And like I said you could do this process with any program or product you are trying to sell, doesn’t matter what it is.

And I also have another sales funnel set up for Four Corners Alliance for building my downlines 4 corners business. That also brings people into a complete system. You can have as many parts to this process as you want, depending on what you are trying to accomplish. First my advertising is sent to here then the landing page after they opt-in is here, that they get automatically redirected to:

And embedded on this landing page is a rotator link that holds everyone of my downlines direct Four corners Alliance links.

As well as a link at the bottom of the page that brings people directly to a complete simple funnel set up for them, that I teach them how to do, so follow the links on that page on the bottom of each page, and you will see I even teach people where and how to advertise, and give them email swipes to use.

In both scenarios I can follow up with people, because I send them to a squeeze page first. Now if I just advertised my 4 Corners Alliance link directly, I would not be capturing peoples emails to follow up with them. See most people never join something or buy immediately after seeing it, it takes a few follow up emails for them to join, or buy and follow through.

This is how advertising to make money online is done correctly, and why certain people make lots of money online, and why many others make hardly anything. And why list building is the single most important thing you can do to make money online, and of course emailing your list then and following up with them on a consistent basis.

This is the difference between success and failure online..There are proven processes that work very well, and things that do not work at all, and advertising your direct pages, doesn’t work very well.

So I sincerely, hope that you take my advice and start advertising the correct way online to make money.

To Your Success And Happiness
Richard Weberg
skype: richard.weberg

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