How Do I Make Money Online??

How Do I Make Money Online?  Well to tell you the truth it is really very simple, the problem lies in us as people, we tend to over complicate things, and when we first start visiting all these money making websites they all seem to have the answers, it can add a bit of confusion.

Most people start out the wrong way, first they join an affiliate program or business, grab there links and start promoting where ever they can, then after a while they stop look around and wonder where in the heck are all the sales and money everyone is talking about online? The reason we do this is because of all these flashy websites and sales pages make it sound like money will come falling from the sky if we just do some advertising. This is all wrong, it is actually backwards, every website ,affiliate program, online business have one thing in common that they all must have in order for anyone to make any money and that is a consistent growing  traffic flow. So what do you think your fist priority should always be?

Of course building traffic, you should always be building your traffic business first, then you build your money business second. And I am not talking about running around throwing links all over the place and hoping  somebody clicks it and buys from you. I am talking about building real traffic, from real people that builds upon itself  over time. You will not build a successful business overnight, it will never happen. Now how do I go about building my traffic business first?

1. I utilize Traffichoopla Think about it,  Traffic Hoopla is —

1 site, 30 top ranked advertising resources (actually, much more).

Focus is on using current top-ranked advertising resources.

  • Independently tested, meaning we do not own or joint-venture with such resources.
  • Based on statistical testing data only, meaning, we do not conduct surveys or take votes.
  • Reliable and consistent, weekly testing reports and rankings, continuously since 2002.

Useful.  Convenient.  Powerful.  Reliable.  Consistent. They rank the traffic resources every week

Instructions —

1.  Join each advertising resource in the 1st,  2nd and 3rd Join List.

2.  Update with whatever ID identifies your referral membership.

3.  Use these advertising resources daily to build your email marketing list.

2. Next, you will need the most important tool you will ever have for building your traffic business (your email marketing list)- once built this is truly the only way to push button profits. (this is how people make huge money online – they have built a marketing list)

Trafficwave Autoresponders for lead generation, contact management, follow-up marketing, email marketing, newsletter publishing, training, and more.

Instructions —

1. Join trafficwave and once you log in, sign up for the training emails that will be located on the left hand side of your home page in a little yellow box about in the middle of the page, titled

Training Articles Emailed Direct to your Inbox.

Dont do anything else inside trafficwave until you get to the next step.

3. Now for the marketing program that will tie everything together and create a duplication process and build your sales funnel-

This is where you will get all your splash and squeeze pages for building your email marketing list through your trafficwave autoresponders. This program will cost you a whopping $5, it will be the best money you ever spent online, you do not need a expensive program to make money online.

The Online Business Alliance

Instructions —

Once you get access to your OBA back office, go through the setup, you are going to set up your links and paycodes, then make sure you get your TeProfits set up and log in.

Then go through all the links in your TeProfits back office, it will walk you through step by step. You Will Also set up your autoresponder in your trafficwave account once in your TEprofits back office**very Important** Once you have your TE Profits all set up with your i.d.s , there is tabs at the top of the page, go to the links for your splash pages, now open up your traffic resources that you signed up for in traffichoopla in the step above and add as many of your splash or squeeze page urls that each traffic resource allows.

4. Start using your traffic resources everyday to promote your new splash and squeeze pages to build your email marketing list. By now you can see how all three of these main programs tie into one another and the main focus is building your traffic business, of course it will also be building your income at the same time, but the system never loses focus of building you a never ending consistent flow of traffic from the best advertising resources the internet has to offer!

What will separate you from anyone else who is trying to make a living online is the daily action you take once you have this system set up, you will get out of what you put into it. I guarantee this system, exactly the way I have laid it out to you works. This is the exact same system I use to profit from everyday! Do not fall for the hype out there, you will have to work to build a successful business online……….There is no way around it. But what this system will do where others fail is duplicate your effort and build you an incredible income over time. The purpose is to build, long term, significant amounts of ongoing daily traffic.  And you do so
by promoting your splash and squeeze pages to the world, day-in and day out,
this is what you do.

This is what I do…… and I will help you

If you do not know how to refer people this will make you a pro, and if you all ready know how to refer people this will triple your efforts!!!

To Your Success And Happiness


Richard Weberg

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  1. Well, This is really the tips that any online marketer should know when beginning their online business.There are many people weren’t successful just because they searched the big thing instead of trying to understand posts like this one.

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