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Richard Weberg

Now You Can Learn How To Build More Traffic, Get More Leads And Increase Sales All With Video Marketing And An Autoresponder. Remember building your email marketing list is the only way to long term profits online!

I have used video marketing over the past few years to build my online business. Using video marketing, you Build More Traffic, Get More Leads And Increase Sales, as well as teach others better.

You can now do the same by following these simple steps.

1. You can create and upload a simple video on youtube it is very easy to do, my kids all have created some in minutes and put them on youtube. Make sure you add a description and a link to a email form that is attached to your trafficwave autoresponder that we set up in step #2.

**Here is an example of a simple youtube video that Brian Rooney from trafficwave made for us that gets great results in traffic exchanges.

Stop Clicking For Credits! Get RESULTS!

You can see its all ready attached to a lead capture page, that is because with your trafficwave account you get free # Hosted Lead Capture Pages: Pre-Designed Templates make it easy for you to customize and create your own lead capture pages. ($19.95 Value! Free With Your Account)

# Step By Step Tutorials: Step by step tutorials walk you through
Here is One of those video Tutorials below: Trafficwave also has written tutorials as well as web teaching conferences to show you how.

Trafficwaves videos are free to implement into your marketing campaigns when using trafficwave autoresponders, You also will want to consider making some of your own, it is a great way to personalize your business as well as brand yourself (people get to know you and trust you). Anywhere I can upload a picture of my self, social networking sites, blogs, article distribution sites, I put a real picture of my self I never use an avatar or picture of something else. I want people to know who I am and that I am a real person, not somebody hiding behind a mask. I am not a thief in the night I offer real business systems that are credible and work. That is why I encourage you to create some videos of your own.

Use the following practices to produce videos that will grow your following and your sales:

Try out to publish your videos to several video directories for free as well as track links. Posting to video directories doesn’t take much of your time, this video submission service can help you track traffic and post to multiple sites.

Respond to questions on your post.
That’s what a real person does, at least for a while after posting a video. People who just post videos and don’t monitor and respond to comments are demonstrating to readers that they don’t have time for them or don’t care about the topic enough to participate in dialogue.

Offer More information through an email form, that is attached to your autoresponder
A desire to provide value to your viewers should be the cornerstone of all of your marketing efforts. It’s particularly important in video marketing. That positive intent expresses itself in many ways, and visitors know quickly whether you are trying to help them or just trying to manipulate them.

Embed your videos on your websites, blogs, traffic exchanges
Videos are content, and you want as much content as possible on your sites. Videos hold visitors’ attention, which helps reduce your bounce rate and helps you get your full message across. Videos also help your site conversions, because in addition to words, you can communicate your message with narration, action, sound effects, graphics, and pictures.

2. Make sure you are using an opt in form in conjunction with your video marketing. Remember that visitors hardly ever (almost never) purchase when they first visit a web site. Research suggests that prospects need to be exposed to your offer an average of 7 times before they will make a decision to purchase from you, or join your business. Add an autoresponder subscription form to your web sites, blogs, social networks and traffic exchanges. Some people refer to these forms as lead capture forms. The purpose is simple: To capture your visitors’ information so you can follow up with them, with a series of pre written emails explaining more information about your offers. This is how you convert traffic into sales, this is the process of converting traffic into leads and then sales or referrals. It saves you an enormous amount of time, autoresponders follow up for you on their own. You can preload them with as many letters as you want.

Does Your Autoresponder Pay You Ten Levels Deep And Build Your List?

This is why it is critical that you use autoresponders with video marketing so that you can gather information from your visitors and follow up with them on auto pilot.

Now go create an account with Trafficwave and YouTube right now so you can start making some serious money!

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To Your Success And Happiness
Richard Weberg

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