How To Use Traffic Hoopla And Vital Viral Pro Downline Builders

How To Use Traffic Hoopla And Vital Viral Pro Downline Builders

Down line builders are essential in creating additional income streams without having to advertise the programs each individually. Traffic Hoopla And Vital Viral Pro and Ads and Cash are three of the main ones we utilize with Real Traffic Exchange Profits System, they are the best in the business. You should have all ready joined and set them all up in step number 3.

Also viralmail profits will soon be added to The TE Profits back office, this will be a great addition for building downline in your safelist and tracking your results.

These are four of the greatest downline builders the internet has to offer, they will increase your sign ups and referrals into the top traffic exchanges and safelist on the internet.

Your downline and referrals in these programs will automatically get built by advertising your TE Profits splash and squeeze pages we set up in step number 4, you do not want to waste your taffic credits advertising these programs, when people join the OBA they will automatically sign up for these programs through TE Profits.  Your TEP email series that people subscribe to through your TEP splash and squeeze pages leads people to all of these downline builders and people will sign up and upgrade automatically through you if you have put all your i.ds in place. Your i.d for each program you join is always located at the end of your referral url, every traffic exchange or program you join gives you a referral url.

**Tips for using downline builders to increase your profits without doing any extra promoting.

1. Get use to signing up for multitudes of traffic programs you will need the diversity to be successful online, I keep a notebook dedicated to all the traffic programs I join.

2.Keep track of and write down all your log ins and referral I.D.s you use for any program, some programs you have to log in and request your commissions.

3.When using Traffic Hoopla or any other downline builders associated with the OBA or TE Profits make sure you join all the programs listed in them, because Real Traffic Exchange Profits system is going to automatically refer people for you, by advertising only your splash and squeeze pages we created. Do you want them signing up under you or someone else?

4. Check with them periodically to see if any of the programs have changed so you can update your I.D.s and check for commissions.

5. Upgrade in the three downline builders above when money permits this will increase your commissions and give you valuable extras.(Only if you have upgraded in some traffic exchanges all ready) Traffic is the lifeblood of your business.

I started making a list of all the places I have been paid from so far in the last 30 days as a direct result of promoting my TEP Splash pages and squeeze pages, and having filled out all the programs I.d.s through out the downline builders.

Oba book sales
Oba ad space leases
TEP Upgrades
Trafficwave payments
Whirlwind Traffic
All About Traffic Exchanges
TE Toolbox
Affiliate Funnel

There are more ,I havn’t requested payment from all of them yet.

Real Traffic Exchange Profits Works If You Work It
Remember to stay focused and keep surfing, building your list is the key to your success. I give you the exact system I follow step by step everyday, there is nothing hidden, no secret marketing program.

To Your Success And Happiness
Richard Weberg

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