No Fish…….And Bad Weather

We are back from our camping trip………the fishing was terrible and the weather was even worse. We still had a great time sitting around the fire and we made some really great food. One of my friends who went camping with us hit some rocks and took out his prop on his motor, he was still able to fish so it was all good. We live in northern Minnesota and you really never know what the weather will hold……sometimes it changes hourly. So we always go no matter what the forecast is because it can always change. I was hoping to have some nice fish pictures to share with everyone, the lake we went to is known for its big walleyes. Well sometimes fishing is like internet marketing, sometimes there biting and sometimes they are not…..oh well there is always tomorrow.

I am getting to everyone’s emails and questions as fast as I can, I should be able to respond to everyone today.

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Richard Weberg

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