Thanks For The Commissions!!

This is what you will be saying, after you start using our system..Most people fail online for lack of having the right knowledge and support.. And not following through..they try Continue Reading →

The Next 30 Days, You earned a commission!

The Next 30 Days….Day 14 And 15 You earned a commission! Dont you just love those words, its even more fabulous when you get 10 to 15 emails like that Continue Reading →

The Next 30 Days, I Am Still Going I Am Like The Energizer Bunny!

The Next 30 Days….Day 7 I keep going and going no matter what! Yes, this is what we all have to do in order to be successful online. This post Continue Reading →

How To Use Your TopSurfer Credits

Topsurfer is a very good traffic exchange, but the rate at which your credits get used up (how fast your splash pages get seen) can be very slow at times. Continue Reading →