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Let us show you EXACTLY how we are taking HUGE ADVANTAGE of Solo
Ads and how you can too…

Make sure in your marketing you are always sending traffic to a
lead capture page, if you do not know what that is, then stop right now.
You will want to first Read this blog post I did (Click here to read it now)
I repeat, do not market with out using lead capture pages and an autoresponder,
you will be wasting your time.

Traffic is the life blood of your business, and where most
people go wrong is they do not treat this like a real business
and are afraid to spend money on traffic.. This is very bad,
your business will grow very slowly using only free traffic, I
am talking very slow…….ly! It will take you years to make
any real head way, if you do not understand this is a real
business, and treat it as such..

Some of you may be totally new to internet marketing and really
not even know what a solo ad even is.

So what is a solo ad?

A Solo Ad is a form of advertisement (a list “rental” if you
will) that is sent out to an entire or portion of someone else
email list, you usually pay for this ad by the click, meaning
you buy so many guaranteed clicks (visitors).

Solo ads have been a practice for all successful internet
marketers and have been around for years. This still remains one
of the fastest ways to build your own email marketing list, and
your income. I personally buy many solo ads from other
marketers, it is one of the best ways to get your business
moving very quickly. The great thing about solo ads, is the
traffic is guaranteed and most solo ad providers will have
packages available that are very small so you can test your ad
copy before making a bigger purchase.

Example: I bought 100 clicks for $35. Out of the 100 clicks I
received 43 opt-ins to my list…WOW! That’s 43% that opted
in… The reason the opt-in rate can be so high with solo ads is
because these are direct ads being sent to someone else personal
list. They have built relationships with these people, so you
are sending to a list of proven buyers. You will only receive
opt-in rates this high from solo ads.

So what is the best way to start testing the waters and purchase
some solo ads?

1. Udimi


It’s a great place to buy high quality solo ads, as long as you
know how to use it, and do smaller solo buys here first like the
one I did above to test my ad copy…

Udimi uses the absolute best click fraud detection system in the
industry. Not all solo ads are monitored like this, it is why
Udimi is one of my first suggestions.

The reason we suggest this exact site is mainly because it’s
safe, reliable and trustworthy. They use a rating system, and
everything is done internally and monitored. You do not have to
go searching all over the place to find people you can buy solo
ads from.

You can buy solo ads from here as often as you like. And here is a video,
I just did today, showing you how to buy and set up solo ads in Udimi.

RESULTS WILL BE, this is why we have several different traffic
strategies we use and teach, we use them all!

Just check out whose faces are on this site, many top marketers
use the service to build massive lists! We’re going to legally
steal top quality subscribers USING this METHOD and add them to
our own list!!!

To start, you just need to create your email swipe (this is what
all the solo ad providers will be sending to their lists) to get
as many subscribers as you can handle to your squeeze page.

Example email swipe below 🙂 However, please be creative and
adapt your own. If everyone uses the same swipe then it will be
less effective, and you may be promoting something totally
different then the make money niche.

Your email swipe example below:

No Cost Blueprint to $100.00+ Each day?

Ad Body:

Hi, Grab this simple system for QUICK online success. Even
NEWBIES are QUICKLY Banking $100+ each day… Hurry & get your
NO COST access NOW..

Click Below: (your squeeze page link)

Your Name

Once you have your email swipe ready, you are ready to start
buying solo ads.

This is a list of other VERY high quality solo ad providers.
these top ones cost a bit more per click, but are WELL worth it!

The conversion is higher



This is how many people build huge lists lightning fast and
virtually hands free, by buying solo ads and doing ad swaps. We
have added as many as 5,000 people to our list in one day
using this one traffic strategy alone.

“In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater
than your fear of failure.”

Richard Weberg

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