Setting Up Email Filters For Safelist/Mailers

Staying organized is a great way to save you time and energy,
setting up your email accounts is no different. Not only can you
set them up better for safelist and list builders, you can set
up your email accounts to properly handle all of your marketing
emails you have coming in. This way you do not constantly have
to search all over for your important emails.

**For those of you that do not have any experience with list
builders or safelist, please read click on this first on how safelist
work.  Some of the time you will need two good email addresses to
use with them. One as a subscribe or list email and another as
your contact email, your subscribe email is where you will get
emails sent to from other members. Your contact email will be
where the program owner contacts you with updates or referral
notifications. Your subscribe email will get a lot of email.

***Make sure you set up a Gmail email account for your list or
subscribe email, (if they only ask for one email use Gmail)
***And then set up Filters, or folders, for each program you

If you already have a Gmail account and you are using it for
personal emails, open a second one, and use it for all your
marketing programs and activities. This way you do not have to
go searching through tons of emails to find one from a family
member or friend.

There is a video below here explaining how to set up an email
filters with your email accounts. They walk you through how to
set up email filters and folders step by step. Some great
information for staying organized.

More Advanced setup for Gmail labels and filters

***Remember the goal of all advertising is to build your own
list through use of an autoresponder, and squeeze pages, if you
are unclear about how to do this, click on the following links
to learn more.

1. Why You Should Start Building Your Email Marketing List Right Now!

2. Why are you still building only Joe’s Email List?

Click here for a list of the top safelist and list builders online.

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