Top Rated Traffic Exchanges

These Are The Top Rated Traffic Exchanges on the internet.
I use traffic exchanges and safelist everyday to build my email
marketing list, this is what I do. I have been marketing online
with traffic exchanges and safelist for the past 14 years. I am
upgraded in a lot of these marketing programs and have done this
over time as I was able to invest more into my online business.
I surf through some of these traffic exchanges every week.
All of the programs listed have paid me in some way or another,
either through commissions and or traffic.

Make sure in your marketing you are always sending traffic to a
lead capture page, if you do not know what that is, then stop right now.
You will want to first Read this blog post I did (Click here to read it now)
I repeat, do not market with out using lead capture pages and an autoresponder,
you will be wasting your time.

Free Traffic Exchanges Marketing strategy

These traffic exchanges are very good for people with a very
small marketing budget, because you can use them for free, in
exchange for your time. You can also upgrade in them or purchase
very inexpensive traffic packages.

First Off, lets cover the basics of what a traffic exchange is
and how to use them, for those of you who are new to using them
and do not know how they work. And this will also help those of
you who assume that you know how they work, and have already
brushed them off as useless traffic.

What is a Traffic Exchange?

A traffic Exchange is an advertising Site dedicated to helping
its members advertise their own websites and offers based on a
credit system. All members receive credits for viewing others
websites in exchange for views of their own offers. By utilizing
a traffic exchange you gain more exposure for your web offers by
viewing other people’s websites. Hence the word ‘exchange’. Most
will give you free credits for signing up and surfing usually
around 25 sites to completely activate your account.

Traffic exchanges are free to join and use, with optional pro
upgrades, or you can purchase credit packages to advertise your
banners, links, and text ads. Because traffic exchanges are free
to join and use, makes them extremely appealing to many
marketers, there are literally millions of people who use them
everyday in their marketing. In fact some traffic exchanges a
lone have over a million members, you never run out of potential
new leads and customers.

Do Traffic Exchanges Work?

Traffic exchanges are one of the most misunderstood traffic
sources in existence today. Some say they don’t work, while
others say they provide their business with the very traffic it
needs. Like other marketing methods, you have to figure out how
to best utilize them to get results, just putting up any old
page does not work, and this is the same for any marketing
method you use. People crave free traffic especially because
they sometimes have limited budgets to use to build their
business, and that is exactly what TE’s provide!

Think about it this way, all members of traffic exchanges are
trying to make money online..You can not get any more targeted
traffic then this! If you present an offer to them, that gives
them a solution to their money making problems, they will join
you, they will buy from you.

The other thing that traffic exchanges will help you do, is to
brand your self, to help you get known and noticed..Remember
there are millions of people who use them everyday.This will
create opportunity for you. I personally have used traffic
exchanges now for over 14 years, don’t you think by now we would
have quit using them if they didn’t work?
Here is a highlight of some of the benefits:

1. They are free to join and use, this makes them very cost
effective and also provides a great incentive for new people to
join them. You can surf as long as you want and get traffic to
your site absolutely FREE! It never has to cost you one dime.

2. Extremely simple to set up and operate, my son started using
them at 10 years old to advertise a gaming webpage he created.

3. You will get traffic to your site immediately, you can get
thousands of visitors a day.

4. You can build downlines in them and create residual traffic
and commissions, once you have enough active downline you will
start to build credits without doing anything. This traffic is
free so you are actually getting paid with free traffic.

5. You can upgrade for a small fee and get monthly credits that
you do not have to surf for (its a set cost), or buy credits any
time you want to leverage your time.

6. Traffic exchanges will pay you for referring new members that
upgrade or buy credits.

7. If you upgrade you get paid larger commissions on your
referrals and their traffic.

8. If you refer enough new members eventually your traffic will
reproduce itself on its own.

9. It only takes a few of your referrals to upgrade and your
upgrade is paid for, hence all your traffic is free.

10. Traffic exchanges offer you unlimited customers, new people
join them everyday, they are very targeted leads, the thousands
of people that join them everyday are opportunity seekers and
other webmasters, these people look to buy products and services.

Why So Many Traffic Exchanges listed below?

I get asked this question a lot, why don’t you just get all your
traffic from only a few traffic exchanges, why surf or use so

Traffic exchanges are like socks and underwear, you cant just
have a few pairs, otherwise you will wear them out to quickly.
LOL Seriously, you need the diversity, otherwise you will be
reaching the same audience way to often.

All traffic exchanges have a different size membership base of
active surfers at any given time, they are referred from various
sources. And every traffic exchange grows at different rates of
bringing in new people to the market. Owners advertise in
different places, some don’t advertise hardly at all. There are
also higher and lower points of activity in each exchange
depending on the time , day, week and so forth. The more new
people coming in to the traffic exchange market the more
responsive the traffic exchanges become.

Also the rate at which your credits are used up varies greatly
from exchange to exchange, some whip through your credits as
your surfing, others take days, sometimes weeks to use them up.
So based on all these factors and variables, I surf or buy
traffic in a lot of different exchanges.

Do I have to join and use them all?

No you do not..You chose which programs you join, or how many.
We just make sure to provide you with the ones we feel are the
best in our industry. Now its up to you how you build your
business and which programs you decide to utilize and join.

How To Get Started With Free Traffic Exchanges And Learning How
They Work.


1. You are what you do daily.
2. You first form your habits; then your habits form you.
3. It’s just as easy to form habits of success as it is to form habits of failure.

Help full hint;  if you right click on each link a little box will open up, click open link in a new window. That way you wont lose the page.

Top Rated Traffic Exchanges Resources List

You can use these traffic exchanges to promote anything you want. This traffic strategy is how I get over 10,000 visitors a day to my offers!

Start by joining the free traffic exchanges below.




























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