Traffic Exchange Contest, The Good, The Bad And The Ugly!

I had to post this here today because I was over at Carl Bailey’s Blog

Reading his blog post on  Contests and Controversy

I also had all ready read through Jon Olsons and Tony Tezaks blog posting regarding traffic exchange contest. The reason I decided to post my own response to it all here is not because I had any problem with what any one of them posted, but to some of the comments that were made. Now I do not really care if I win any such contest, nor do I advocate surfing thousands  of credits during one of those contest, what I do promote is being consistent in your marketing efforts, and always trying to move your business forward. Building relationships online with people will only help solidify your marketing efforts and needs to be done.  I do surf during traffic exchange contest, and there are good reasons why.

1. I am not a fortune teller

2. Interact with other internet marketers

3. More people surfing, more activity

4. Thats not the only time people mindlessly surf traffic exchanges

5. You either take the negative or the positive reasons you do or not do something

For instance, short timers vs long timers, surf ratio 1-1, 1-2, 1-3, 1-4, clear window vs obstructed window, and on, and on, we can spend time debating anything you want, or we can spend time moving forward. Some people hate banner exchanges, other people have had great success with them, same with all forms of marketing.

But the comments……..after the post, I can not stand when people try and portray internet marketing, as this mindless, inhuman business, that does not involve real effort, time or investments……..and sure in the hell could not be fun! This is exactly why most people fail at it, they think it involves no risk, no effort, no human connection, it will be like winning the lottery, fast and easy.

I read so many comments in there that I found really hard to stomach……..Internet marketing is a real business, I do not care what advertising you are using, when or why, you will work very hard, and invest time and money in YOU and your business. If you dont you will never succeed. Since I am involved with my own traffic exchange challenge right now, I thought I would let you know about this post and my own thoughts in regards to some of the comments. I am sure some of you have read that post and the comments there, if you have not, then follow the link above first and please read it.
I read one comment that says “surfing contest are a waste of time?” Who’s time I ask?

I signed up to TE Profits during a surf contest, because I had seen a splash page before and I was looking for it, and somebody’s splash page was in rotation during the surf contest and I signed up, had they not been surfing I wouldnt have signed up (under her). It would have been under someone else? Now I am not saying that I am a superstar but I would certainly love to sponsor someone like me into multiple programs……….Now if I had not started at that same point, there are hundreds of people that I probably would have not sponsored that I have, because of that moment.

Who’s time was wasted hers or mine?

Timing???? Remember its a business, I am in it to make money, I want my sites being seen 24 hours a day if possible. I have owned several brick and mortar businesses, my best customers were always those that got to know and trust me……….believe me the more you get seen and known……….people will follow you especially if they think you are motivated, a leader and moving. Surf contest create more activity, more people surfing……..I want my sites seen the most. This is a business, I want to make money.
Activity is key, you are either moving forward or stagnant and doing nothing.
All I have to do is look at my own downline and their surfing history(or if they are upgraded), and I can tell you who is making any money or not. That is the first thing I check when someone emails me and tells me its not working. No kidding, you have surfed 100 sites in the last three months and you have never once invested in your business???

Next comments : “The same pretty much holds true for the “social” aspect of it. Who has time to sit in chatrooms all day long for the purpose of “building relationships” Next: “Why do others waste time “chatting”?

I guess because we are human…….at least last time I checked. In prisons that are totally on lockdown, where each prisoner stays in his own cell basically 23 hours a day, they will find anyway they can, to be able to communicate with one another. Fundamentally communication is one of the most important parts for human life to exist. With that said, isnt the person who made that comment “Why do others waste time “chatting”? wasting his own time commenting on some one elses blog then? What it is only okay to chat on a blog or social network?

(do you engage in idle chatter about the simpsons or do you engage in business orientated conversations) Who said anything about sitting in chatrooms all day, it is about engaging others, letting them know you exist, you are a real person behind that splash page or website.
I agree with Jon Olson here:
“It’s ALL about relationship building. The best investment you can make for your business is to get to know the people IN YOUR business.”

If I send an email to my list, I can instantly tell you who will follow me into any business or program, the people I have built a relationship with, that trust me, and I have gotten to know a little. “People do not care about how much you know, until they know how much you care”

Scott Douglas, Jason wise, Jon Olson…………they go into a program……..I follow. Why, I have gotten to know and trust them through their marketing online, then joining them in different programs, and they are not sitting on their ass waiting for things to happen. How do I know this, their splash pages are everywhere! They did this by branding themselves and their business over and over again. I want to be in a program that is going to last, that is credible and their owners are actively promoting it. I have had many, many people email me and ask me to sponsor them into a program because their own sponsor wasnt doing anything………How did they find me and how do they know I am doing anything??? Because I am aggressively advertising my splash pages everywhere and I engage in communication with people anytime I can.

“Are You Still Waiting For Your Ship To Come In? Well you better swim out to it before it sinks!”

If you really, I mean really want to be successful online and make a living………you better be out there promoting your business and yourself at any chance you get, I know I can not determine when somebody is going to sign up to something I am promoting, can you? There are a multitude of  reasons why your sites better be getting seen when there is anything going on, whatever kind of contest or not.

Next comment: …a person must have LOTS of time to sit at the computer and surf one site after another for hours and hours at a time. Most people simply don’t have that kind of time on their hands. There were a few comments like this.

Well you better find it or buy it (invest in your business and you)! If you do not have the time you better have the money to buy advertising. Otherwise 5 years from now you will be no better off then you were when you started, I guarantee it!

Comments like the one above are exactly how people get the idea that internet marketing is a piece of cake and why people give up so easy. Only spend thirty minutes online a day and you will be a millionaire, are you tired of sitting in front of your computer screen hours upon hours, buy this product for 79$ and this will automate everything you need to do. HA, HA, HA,HA……… This is a real business, real businesses take time and lots of effort. There is a mass illusion that internet marketing is some how different than your brick and mortar business and it some how dosnt involve real work and real amounts of time invested.

Next comment: I’m O.K. with the odd surf promotion but certainly not in agreement with anything that requires hours glued to the screen, flicking through ad after ad and not really seeing anything. That is for morons and of no benefit to anyone.

It takes the same things to build a successful internet business as it does to build a successful brick and mortar business, and both if you build them right, can provide you with a so to speak walk away income. But this will only come through dedication, hard work and investing in your business. If you do not have any money to invest in your business, than thank freaking God for free advertising programs like traffic exchanges that allow you the ability to earn traffic to your sites by sitting in front of your computer screen for hours upon hours!! (I do both because I am crazy) I mean where does this attitude come from, that your not absolutely going to work your ass off to get financial freedom???????????? It takes 30 minutes just to write one descent article, and that sure and the hell isnt going to make you thousands of dollars a month!

I also do not understand The negative remarks in the comments about traffic exchanges.  What? There free, no one said they were magic. If there was a magic traffic source everyone would be rich……………wouldnt they? Easy? Find me how you make a real monthly income easy online.

What I love about traffic exchanges is the ability to go after traffic, you do not have to wait for it to come to you. I can get as many visitors to my splash pages today as I want. I do not know about you, but I do not know to many people today that are just flowing with money right now and can just invest there way to the top? And what are two of the best ways to get free traffic by earning it?……….Traffic exchanges and safelist, what one guarantees you traffic for your effort? There are not to many traffic resources out there that give you instant, guaranteed traffic…..that will pay you in more traffic and commissions. This is why I choose traffic exchanges in my overall marketing system, yes I write articles, but I do not have time to wait to see how they do, yes I use safelist, but they are send and forget, yes I use text and banner exchanges, but I do not have time to wait for people to click on my ads, yes I use forum marketing, but again I do not have time to wait and see how many visitors I get. Yes, Yes click, click, click, click, click……..I do this while I wait!

I aggressively advertise my splash pages any chance I get, I do not have time to wait for people to come to me, I want to make money now , not 10 years from now, I will surf when there are contest going on, theres people there, I want everyone to know I am not waiting for success to happen, I will make it happen! Contest are just yet another opportunity, another lead, engaging in meaning full conversation is human! Success is not a destination, but the journey itself, if you do not like what your are doing………you should not be doing it.

Thats my 2 cents… friends

Every traffic exchange has run a contest or promotion at some time rewarding people who surf the most with credits or prizes.

To Your Success And Happiness


Richard Weberg

Let connect and be friends!

2 thoughts on “Traffic Exchange Contest, The Good, The Bad And The Ugly!


    Thank you for revealing your passion, to some folks who might otherwise not have known.

    The world needs more people of conviction and action, like yourself… at least in this faceless abyss, called the web!


  2. Thank You Carl, I appreciate the nice comments, and am glad you have visited my blog.

    You have some really great programs such as instantsplash, and look forward to sharing it with a lot more people!

    To Your Success And Happiness
    Richard Weberg

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