How To Create Squeeze Pages & Landing Pages

Creating your own squeeze and landing pages (opt-in pages and sales pages)
is dead simple, especially with the tools we use, one program, Click Funnels has it all!

Is as easy as it gets…Simple drag and drop webpage editor! Use The Tools All Top Earners Use to Explode Their DownLines And Income! Create landing pages, squeeze pages, track your pages, build complete marketing funnels, you name it, they have it. The owner Russel Brunson is one of the most elite marketers in the world!! ClickFunnels Gives You EVERYTHING You Need To Market, Sell, and Deliver Your Products and Services Online!” (Without Having To Hire or Rely On A Tech Team!) I hate techy stuff, I am a marketing guy, but with these tools, I can build and do anything, flipp’in awesome! We use these tools to sponsor people everyday into our Now LifeStyle business. These tools will turn you from a newbie into a recruiting machine..

Watch this video now, and you will see why they are the best, no outside
hosting required, they host all your pages for you. You can create a unlimited
number of pages.

Always Create more than one squeeze page to test and find out
which ones convert best. Then focus on the ones that pull in the
best results. Split testing is a must, and Russel Brunson has made it so
simple, so you can track every single page. He has made step by step videos in
the members area on about everything you can think of, he goes above and beyond.

Here is just some of what you get, incredible!

You can see how we have used clickfunnels, by clicking on this link below, which is the beginning to one of our funnels that is responsible for earning us over $497.00 a day, and some days thousands!

You will need to opt-in on this page, so you can see the rest of our funnels pages.

We use Click Funnels service to build our Now LifeStyle team pages and funnels, we can create bridge pages and landing pages in minutes… And we can instantly share all of our pages with our team, so they can duplicate everything we are doing.

One of the biggest advantages of having an online business is
cost. If you had an offline business that was not succeeding and
you wanted to change the color of your sign to see if it would
increase business, it would cost you 1000s of dollars. Online, it
is just a few minutes of your time to change your squeeze page or
landing page and try something else, and maybe the price of a nice
dinner for two.

Give it a go, guarantee you will love it! Click here and check out Click Funnels

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