Quit Building Joe’s Email List?

If the pages you are promoting in solo ads, traffic exchanges,
safelist, etc, do not have YOUR opt-in forms on them ……DITCH
THEM, Unless Your The Owner Of The Program!

Quit only building Joe’s list!

Your only building someone else list and business, seriously
there is reasons why everyone says build your list. Number one
is communication, you know how everyone is talking about social
marketing, well this is the best form of it, not just chatting
in the chat rooms. Social marketing is building your list, this
is how you can communicate with people, get to know them and
build trust. List building is also total branding, how you
communicate with your prospects portrays who you are and what
you represent, send them crap and they will think your crap,
send them things that help them solve problems and get closer to
their goals, and they will get to know you and trust you.

Social marketing and Branding is not just putting your name and
picture on a page and telling people to join your program.
Social marketing and branding are continuing communication, that
is how you build long term relationships and trust.

I once owned a retail store in my local mall, and the people
that I got to know the best and communicated often with, were my
best customers. When they needed something they always came to
me. In fact, are local mayor race came up the first year I had
my store and most of my customers wanted me to run for mayor,
because they liked my ideals so much, because I took the time
for them. You cant do that online sitting in chat rooms,
throwing up web pages with your name and picture on them,
without having away to continually communicate with them. You
need to have some form of continual communication.

Second, when you advertise affiliate programs directly your not
building your business, affiliate programs come and go like the
wind, and you have no way of continuing communication with your
new referrals because they are on someone else list, AND YOU DID
THE WORK TO PUT THEM THERE! Its just not smart marketing, put
them on your list first, then refer them to your favorite
affiliate programs, this way you are always building your list,
and your business first. That way when the affiliate program you
joined no longer exist, your business still does!

Third, building your list allows you to continually communicate
with your prospects, so why would you want to waste your traffic
advertising a single program, that is a pure waste of your time
and effort. I would rather put 1 person on my list a day, then
put 5 people into a single program a day. Because when I build
my list first and build a relationship with that person, they
will follow me into 50 programs, not just one.

What you advertise and how you advertise is extremely important,
don’t think you can just throw any old thing up to advertise, it
just wont work, and in the long run you will still be broke! And
the people you helped build their list will be making all the
money still. You need to be smart in your marketing, you need to
realize affiliate programs exist for smart marketers, they start
them to get others to build their list for them. Now that
doesn’t mean do not join affiliate programs, it just means be
smart and build your list first!

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