January 21, 2012 6:16 pm

Richard Weberg

For those of you following my blog, I have just updated my page 1 in my 8 step traffic exchange training course, to include 5 Minute Mogul as one of the programs to join.

You can see here where I added it.


The reasons I have added it are as follows.

1. Its a downline builder for building our gvo hostthenprofit business, gvo hosting and tools is second to no one. This is residual income and where we host our sites and blogs.

2. Its FREE to give away, and sign up. Upgrades are available, one time payments (Strongly Recommend). The affiliate commissions across the board for 5 Minute Mogul Member referrals (Apprentice, Industrialist and Tycoon) is 40%! Refer a Tycoon, Make almost $400!! Almost $200 for Industrialist! And Almost $60 for Apprentice!

3. It will teach us how to build additional traffic streams, outside of traffic exchanges and safelist, will have weekly webinar’s as well.

4. Its a downline builder for or own programs, you get to add two of our own sites, and your facebook account.

5. It has an additional 22 streams of income that will be built automatically by giving away 5 Minute Mogul to others.

6. For upgraded members, we will have blogs built, that Kimball Roundy’s team will post content to, for us on a weekly basis, and all the right plug ins.

7. We will be able to build a second site on our hosting through GVO, that will be push button easy to set up, that will build our list and income in 5 Minute Mogul.

It is a perfect fit, and will help make your new year one to remember! The 8 steps are now complete, the 8 steps truly teach all the fundamental aspects of running a successful business, and has in place every tool and traffic source needed in order to do so.

This will absolutely explode your income this year if you follow the 8 steps! No body can make you do it, you have to decide and begin.

If you havn’t joined yet please see video here and sign up, otherwise just start following from step 1 listed above.


Richard Weberg
P.S. I have also updated my thank you page, feel free to copy and use it, just remember to change the link to yours.

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