You Still Think Safelist Dont Work?

It is really quite weird to still find people that think that Safelist and Traffic Exchanges Don’t Work. So yesterday morning I had to prove to myself once again, like I do everyday that not only do they work, they work very well!

So I took my TEP Squeeze page that is provided to me by TE Profits, the owner Scott Douglas, I cant say enough good things about this man, this is the squeeze page I used.

Now for those of you that are following the steps here on this site, you have this same squeeze page in your back office of TEP. Now this is the ad and title I used below.

Title 1: Stop Emailing People Who Wont Buy From You!

Are you having trouble getting results from Listjoe? Tired of getting clicks, but not any sales?

Maybe it’s time you learn how to use Listjoe effectively. A few simple things can be the difference between results and no results.

I will share with you the best traffic exchanges and safelist and actually show you how to get results advertising in them


Every trick, technique and marketing tool that I personally use, you will have access to Free!


Your first step, click the link below fill in your information and I will send you vital information that you will need in order to get started right now


This free report will help you get the results you want from Listjoe, and other safelists/traffic exchanges!


Lets Turn Your Traffic Into Cash


Richard Weberg


Now if I was sending email through a different safelist I would replace Listjoe with the name of the one I was using. One other thing you will notice is I put the link in my ad twice because it increases the number of clicks you will get. There is also another place you put your link in when sending in a safelist, that is so members can get credit for clicking on your link, but I like to ad mine twice in my ads as well.

Yesterday morning I sent my ad through Listjoe and checked my stats today for my click thru and subscribers received, I am a member of about 30 safelist I didn’t send to them all yesterday because I wanted to show you the simplicity and effectiveness by only giving the results from one.

Here are the results,  I sent my ad to 803 people in Listjoe, I had 32 clicks and 3 new subscribers to my list. Now you may be thinking well that’s not very good, I beg to differ, while three subscribers might not seem like alot,  that was from only one mailing, as a free member you can send out your ad every 7 days (365 days a year divided by 7 days =52) Now if you get 3 subscribers every time, that is 156 new subscribers to your list every year from just that one safelist, that’s doing nothing else. Through the system we use here on this site every subscriber is = to about $3 a month in income to you over time, so now you just gave yourself a $468 raise this year by just taking advantage of  just one safelist as a free member, think if you were an upgraded member of Listjoe?

Now that’s the real power of  list building. You take all these advertising streams we use here and feed your list. That list grows and so does your income.  Another reason I only showed the example of one safelist, because for some that is all they can handle, yes I can email to 30 safelist a month, plus surf 60 traffic exchanges,  but I have been doing this a while and have learned how to organize everything I do. Otherwise it can get overwhelming  when your first starting out. It is okay to start with one and learn what you are doing and move on from there.

“You have to learn to walk before you can run”

Here is another link to a  post I did on safelist and there is a link to a cool free tool that comes in very handy for any ads you are using in safelist or anywhere else.

Safelist Resources

And for those of you that are ready to run here is a link to the most responsive safelist on the internet

Until next time, your friend and partner


Richard Weberg

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