How do I Get Massive Residual Traffic On Autopilot.?

The answer is simple..

…It is by selling Traffic as part of your

The biggest expenses online you will ever have is

Traffic is consumable, and you always have to get more..

Every single person, entrepreneur, business, and
company wanting to make money online, needs
traffic (People), in order to sell and promote

You hast to have it plain and simple, otherwise
you will get NO where.

And we are not talking about junk traffic, we are
talking about real traffic, that actually
converts into sales..

Long ago in the very beginning of my marketing,
we learned to include Traffic in my offerings,
and in doing so, we built Massive Residual

Commissions, that we could use to keep building
our email list and our primary offers.. Without
having to take money out of our own pockets

It is called Leverage and using the collective of
other peoples money to build your own business..

And in doing so we provided value to our downline
and customers, because we gave them the same
sources of high converting traffic that we are
using and buying traffic from ourselves..

No matter what you are trying to sell, Traffic is
what will make or break you…

More over, it is your lack of an advertising
budget that will destroy your efforts early on or keep you
stuck..Because you have none left..

Make sense..??

Why it is so important, to sell traffic as one of
your offerings to your customers and leads..

Your buying it, so shouldn’t you let them in on
it anyway..??

People become so focused on their main program or
product, and promoting it, that they forget what
is fueling their own business..

And that their customers and leads might love it,
if they shared something else with them..

Something that could help them promote what they
want to..

Not everyone is going to be interested in your
main offer anyway..

So doesn’t it make sense to offer them something
else as well..??

That is why we have always used great traffic
resources that were commission-able as well..

That’s what creates a never ending residual
traffic machine..

It completes the whole money making machine for

That is the big secret most marketers who are
really successful have figured out long term, is
how to make everything they do scalable, and
commission-able in one way or another..

If you do not figure that out, you will never
really get very far doing this stuff..

You will have droughts, times when the green
stuff is scarce because of life..So you have
nothing left to buy more traffic..

But if your also selling Traffic as one of your
offerings, you always have it!!

I hope your beginning to really understand what I
am trying to get across..

It has been one of The BIG keys in our own

In everything we have always done to help our
contacts, in creating membership sites, in our
funnels we share with everyone, we have always
tried to teach building sources of good residual

Traffic Is The #1 Commodity And Easiest Thing To
Sell Online..

Because again… Every single person,
entrepreneur, business, and company wanting to
make money online, needs traffic (People), in
order to sell and promote anything!

This is the bulk of where all their green stuff
is spent..

Click here now if you Want to become The Top Of The Food Chain.

..And sell what everyone needs including you

Much love
Your Friends And Partners
Richard And John Weberg

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