How to use Traffic Ad Bar and get up to 1000 free visitors every 3 days for free!

In today’s video, I am going to show you step by step how to use and set up Traffic Ad Bar. TrafficAdBar is a very unique traffic exchange that will deliver your lead capture pages to people three different ways.

You get multiple exposures as your ad will be shown to

– members who are surfing
– in daily emails to members
– to people world wide as members who put the TrafficAdBar widget on other websites, pages and blogs

What is different as well with Traffic Ad Bar is it has a ladder system based on points earned by the user.
The more you use Traffic Ad Bar, the more points you earn, the higher you move up on the ladder, hence the more free website traffic you get to your lead capture pages.

Join Traffic Ad Bar here:

Get your own done for you lead capture system here:

See you on the next video my friends!

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