New, New, hot off the press for Marketing Mastery***

Important Update-Your traffic is tracked now! We have some critical updates coming in Marketing Mastery soon….Here’s a few that we’ve just finished… Number 1: All traffic packages now show your Continue Reading →

Member to member instant direct payments

As most of you know that are subscribed to get my emails or read my blog regularly, we just recently launched Marketing Mastery Elite. Well today we just made an Continue Reading →

It Is Time To Become A Marketing Master My Friends, NO MORE Waiting!

Okay my friends, today is the day Marketing Mastery Elite Launches! I am so excited I can barely contain myself..Plus..I have already drank two pots of Its time to Continue Reading →

“Can YOU Be Successful Online, Will You Be One Of The LUCKY Ones?”

Well, let me tell you a little story first.. My youngest son John, who is now 16 years old, has his own online business, Marketing Mastery Elite, actually he owns Continue Reading →

Two Crazy 16 Year Olds, Came Up With A Crazy Marketing Idea…

I am very proud of my son Jon Weberg, him and his business partner Parc Chamernick, they have just launched their own internet marketing program, Marketing Mastery Elite. I know Continue Reading →