Three New And Very Responsive Mailers, Over 5% Click Thrus!

With this first one, Yourezlist you get $130 in advertising, along with
over $1,000 in marketing products
and even instant commissions.

I sent to only 2400 of this brand new safelist and received 120 click thrus thats over 5%! Very responsive.

With this second one Email-Hog, you get $100 in free advertising, and they go one step further, they even guarantee click thru or you get your credits back.

I sent to only 1500 and received 85 click thrus, again over 5%!

And last but not least..Viral List Builder Plus
Join for FREE Today and get 250 Emails
I sent to 1273 and received 101 click thrus, thats over 7%, hows that for responsive!

When mailers are new they usually always give higher click thrus, these ones has been exceptional!

Just thought I would share….

Richard Weberg

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