Turn Your Pennies Into Gold!

What would you rather have ONE MILLION DOLLARS cash in hand or a penny that doubles for, let’s say 30 days?  Tomorrow the penny is worth two pennies, and by the tenth day it’s worth $5.00. Most people choose the million dollars because it’s difficult to see that the penny would, even by doubling, be able to exceed a million dollars in just thirty days. However, on day 31 the penny is worth over FIVE million dollars!

This is exactly what this business reminds of, your effort keeps doubling your pennies to eventually your pennies are worth a whole lot of money!

Now how fast do you want your pennies to double?

By the way I am still putting in overtime (surfing) and the subscribers keep coming in! Anyone can do this, it is the easiest thing I have ever done! Yes its not instant nor is anything worth doing. Just keep putting in the effort and your pennies will eventually turn to gold!

To Your Success And Happiness
Richard Weberg
Its Not Over Until I Win! “Les Brown”

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