Are you being turned into a spectator..??

Are you just sitting by and watching everyone
else succeed..?

Are you just…digging a deeper rut– home to
work, home to work, home to work..

You ever seen one of those hamsters on a

Or are you truly doing something about it,
something different..?

See “You can either be in the parade of Life or
watch the parade go by”

I feel bad for all the people who just sit on the
street corners, waiting for their candy to be
thrown out to them, like they are some kind of
homeless dog are something..

Really..Doesn’t that make you sad, maybe even
pissed off ..?

Where life gets really fabulous, is when you are
designing your life the way YOU want it..

Not waiting to be thrown some candy..

One of the worst stresses there is in life, is
living paycheck to paycheck…

And that paycheck dictates to you, how you live
your life..

Early on in my own life, I realized I hated being
told what to do, and knew someday, I would plot my
own course..

I did not want to be a spectator, I wanted to be
the ONE!

The one who controlled his own life
The one who was free from debt
The one that was free from a
boss telling me what to do…

I wanted to be in the parade, heck I wanted to
own the parade!!

Screw being a spectator!!
Screw being poor..
Screw waiting for a tax refund every year, cause
you have no money left.. And you have so much
debt you need to be bailed out!
Screw all that garbage that goes along with the big 9 to 5 lie!

I like working from home
I like doing what I want
I like taking 6 vacations a year
I like being debt free
I like spending more time with my
family than I do co-workers

So my whole point is, you can also stop being a
spectator, you can live the life of your dreams..

But your going to need do something about it, just
like we did..

The parade of life awaits you my friend, model
someone who has already done it, and has it!!

Go here, do not wait

You can be the ONE!

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