Did I ever tell you the definition of “Insanity”??

It is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting a different result..

This is what most people do, and they fail online and in life horribly.

In fact over 90% of all people trying to earn online, fail.

10% make it, and 5% get filthy stinking rich…Why is that?

Because those 10% follow a process and systematize everything they do.

1. They take advice from people who have made it, they actually listen, and then apply 100% of what they learned.

Not some of it, ALL OF IT.

2. No matter what happens they keep going, meaning they do not let obstacles stop them from getting to where
they want to go.

3. They are action takers, they do not whine or complain. They seize the day, they go after it.

4. They understand that their is no magic, hocus pocus, push button success, they will have to work for it.

5. They surround themselves with others, that encourage, motivate and inspire them to do more.

6. They ask the right questions, they are not asking why something is not working fast enough, they ask “What
Are the things I can do to speed this along”

A lot of people fail for the pure fact that they blame their failures on others or other things, “it is not working because of this, or because of so and so didn’t do this for me”

You have to make things happen, they will not happen on their own.

I have been successful online, because I have worked my ever living butt off, my main focus has always been on helping others.

Because when I first started I had no guidance and it sucked, I started doing this stuff over 12 years a go, you had to learn almost every little stitch by searching endlessly for hours online hoping their was someone, somewhere who had some content available to guide you a little, or you had to learn it from hours and hours of trial and error, tell you figured it out. Nothing came easy back then.

With the systems online today and blogs, and communication services, it is a world of difference for those just starting out. They can have very fast success. I have seen many people become millionaires in one year or less because of the information available now.

The people that do, are like an open book, ready to learn, and take action, this is the big difference between failure and success.

The last fact is, people unwilling to invest in their success, with some time and money, will never make it no matter what. Basic economics, you can not make money from nothing, it is literally impossible.

I just did this video yesterday, and really want you to watch it, even if you are already a member of MME. I want you to understand why people get results like mine, the information is about MME directly, but you can apply it to anything else you are doing as well.

Watch the video

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