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At one time traffic exchanges did work and worked extremely well, manual traffic exchanges that is. Autosurf traffic exchanges as far as I am concerned have never worked.

First before I answer the question fully of – Do manual traffic exchanges actually work?

Let me explain more about them and what they are.


What is a Traffic Exchange?

A traffic exchange provides for an exchange of website views. You view other members sites that they are marketing in exchange for other members viewing your sites. You can also alternatively purchase credits which you can use to market your websites so you do not have to surf them.


What is Surfing?

Surfing is the process of viewing other members sites. You will have to view each site for a predetermined number of seconds, this can be from as little as 6 seconds to a maximum of 30 seconds). Then, you will be allowed to “surf” onto the next site, by clicking a corresponding image or number to get credit. Autosurf traffic exchanges do it automatically. Traffic exchanges deliver your offers via your web browser.


Surfing traffic exchanges


How does a autosurf traffic exchange work?

After you join an autosurf traffic exchange you add your site details, the website or offer page you want to get seen. Then you simply click an autosurf now button and it will open up in your browser window and start automatically rotating through all of the other members sites.

You will get credits for each site your browser visits that will be applied to your sites so they can go into rotation. The idea is for every site your browser visits, they will send a visitor to your site.

Notice I said “Your Browser Visits” because the problem is, you do not need to be even present at your computer for you to get credits with auto surfs. You could just let this run on your computer even if you were in bed or at the store, this means no one ever really sees your sites. I used auto traffic surf exchanges when I first started marketing online years ago.

I figured out in a real hurry that they were absolute garbage and using them my computer picked up tons of viruses, trojans, and malware from these autosurf traffic sites.


Do autosurf traffic exchanges work?

NO, do not use them, they are a complete waste of time!


How does a manual traffic exchange work?

Manual traffic exchanges work in the same concept as autosurf ones, except you need to be present and manually click the next button to get credit for visiting someone else site. (Meaning someone actually sees your site) All members receive credits for viewing others websites in exchange for views of their own offers. They also usually have a link and banner exchange, based on a credit system as well.

You basically surf for credits, many traffic exchanges reward you with bonus credits for surfing more.

You also receive credits for referring other members and receive credits based on your downlines surfing activity. Traffic exchanges also use timers, a set amount of time to view someones page, you then manually click on a image or number to receive credit and advance to the next site.


Do manual traffic exchanges work?

To answer this question I need to fully explain a few things.

I found traffic exchanges in the very beginning of my marketing journey back in 2003. I at first used only autosurf exchanges and used them for several months. They were the first traffic generating sites I found when exploring how to promote my opportunity I was involved in.

The only thing that happened from using them, was I corrupted my computer full of malware, viruses and all kinds of junk. I had to get a new computer..Seriously!

Next I found manual traffic exchanges, and even though I was Leary, they looked a little better, and I actually found some information of other people having success with them.

So I gave them a shot cautiously at first, to make sure I did corrupt my new computer. Now I did not get any results with them right away, it was not tell I started using a lead capture page in them, that they started to work.


My results from using them.

Back then, if you had a good lead capture page, you could get 1 lead for every 250-400 credits you assigned to your offers.

If you tabbed surfed them, meaning open up 10 tabs on my computer, with 10 different manual traffic exchanges open, I could earn about 2000 credits an hour. So that would end up getting me about 6 new leads on my list per hour for free.

You could also buy optional credits for low cost as well. Which at first I did not buy or upgrade in them, because I was broke, I had just gone through bankruptcy and was still living in section 8 housing.

So I surfed them like a mad man possessed literally..Which gave me new leads every single day,and sales because of my email follow ups.


I used them for years.

I used traffic exchanges as one of my main traffic generating methods for years and put thousands of people on my email list because of them. I also built residual traffic in them, by referring others through my email list. As I mentioned above you receive credits for referring other members and receive credits based on your downlines surfing activity.

Eventually I upgraded in some of them and bought credits, this gave me even more leverage, I was generating over 10,000 visitors a day to my lead capture pages. You can do the math from above and see I was getting over 30 leads a day.

I eventually created a a membership site, where I taught this process to other people. The site grew to over 40,000 members. Now if you read my marketing story, you will have read about the the big PayPal slap that happened several years ago, which pretty much affected every traffic exchange.


This is when manual traffic exchanges really started going downhill.

Many owners of such sites were wiped out. PayPal was the main payment processor they all used and relied upon. No money coming in, no money to grow your traffic exchange outside of other traffic exchanges. So the traffic exchange niche really changed, owners have scrambled to find other payment processors, but so many of this industries users also main way they bought things online was through PayPal.

Many online marketing niches online were hit by the big PayPal slap, manual traffic exchanges were not the only ones. PayPal did do some heavy damage to people and their livelihoods.


Personally I believe that manual traffic exchanges have never recovered in the way other niches online have. Because traffic exchange owners had no money coming in to advertise outside of traffic exchanges, the number of active users started to dwindle and dilute how many people were actually seeing a persons site. As a result I started buying more solo ads, doing SEO through blogging, and videos in my marketing strategies.


So the answer to the question of “Do traffic exchanges actually work?”

Maybe somewhat, the conversions are extremely low now, as before when you could get 1 lead for every 250-400 credits you assigned, now that number is more like 1 lead for every 1000 – 2000 credits.

This just does not stack up to other traffic strategies any more. Unless maybe you want to spend all day, every day surfing traffic exchanges. Credits also cost more to purchase, so your way better off spending money on a solo ad somewhere.

I can purchase a solo ad for 50 bucks and get 35 opt-ins (leads), you could spend that same 50 bucks with manual traffic exchanges and be lucky if you get 5 to 10 leads.

Once upon a time, they were very effective when used properly, but sadly not so much anymore. Maybe some day they will rebound.

I really hope this traffic exchange article shed some light on traffic exchanges and how they work.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to post them in the comments section below or just say hello, would love to hear from you.

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  1. I enjoyed this post Richard and would agree in the main about Traffic Exchanges. I have used them for years, mainly thr tried and tested ones through Hoopla and also Traffic Authority if people want turnkey Google Ad buyer only traffic.

    Solo ads are the way to go and like you I have a Udimi account which produces results

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