Making Online Surfing Safer

Making Online Surfing Safer, I thought this would be important to discuss since as online marketers we surf the internet and download programs all of the time.  So its not a bad idea to try and eliminate picking up any unwanted quest on our computers. This will save you much heartache and time lost due to your computer not functioning properly.

Whatever you use, first and foremost get protection for your computer, my suggestion is to get  Avast Antivirus it is the best I have ever used. Infact since having Avast I have never picked up any harmful guest, and I have been using it for the last 4 years. Even the free version stopped my computer from catching some of the most deadly computer viruses that were taking over a lot of my friends computers who were using pro versions of other anti virus software. I have used others and nothing compares, it also has never interfered with running my computer like some others do.

I am not new to this picnic. Been down this road a hundred times. Downloaded every so called virus protection on the planet.  Use Avast, along with a good web browser, and you will have no problems surfing the internet or your favorite traffic exchanges.

This is not a review of the web’s best browsers. Instead, a word of caution before downloading any new browser, especially browsers proclaiming as designed for traffic exchanges. There are hundreds to thousands of browsers, and browser applications, online today.  Some are good, some are bad and some are ugly.

As a general rule, I stick with the ones I know like Mozilla Firefox or Crazybrowser even Google Chrome has been very good, I dont worry about their safety, and tabbed surfing is the only way to go.  If looking for increased traffic, and maximized productivity, TAB BROWSING is what you are looking for.

Now before you go to download some new traffic exchange browser, be cautious, be warned, take notice. You are likely already using the best browsers in the world, and dont forget to protect your computer!

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