July 9, 2010 9:19 pm

Richard Weberg

There are a number of people who doubt traffic exchange marketing works, because a lot of them had tried it in the past only to get little to no results, usually these same people have not had results with any marketing online.

There are two main reasons why

1. They quit long before they ever figure out how to effectively use the marketing method they have chosen, and this is not just limited to traffic exchanges, I am talking about all online marketing.

2. They do not learn from somebody who has all ready done it before them. They start off all excited and think they have it all figured out, and instead of learning from someone else’ s mistakes they just assume they know what to do and fail miserably.

Now with all that out of the way, here is My Top Ten Reasons Why Traffic Exchange Marketing Works

1. Anyone can figure out how to use a traffic exchange successfully, I mean anyone!

My son who is twelve now was ten or eleven when he first started using traffic exchanges for his gaming website he built. I never showed him how to join a traffic exchange or how to put in a url or even what it was, he figured it out all on his own. He was on the internet one day and I walked over by him and I seen he was surfing traffic exchanges. I was like hey what the heck are you doing?  I was wondering did you log into my traffic exchanges some how and start surfing them? He told me no , I did a search for website traffic, because I needed some traffic to my gaming site and joined a bunch. I was like how did you figure it out? He said Dad, it was so simple, how could I not figure it out?

The little bugger was getting new members advertising a sign up page he made on a free site, I had to compete with him after that to get on the computer! (he even figured out how to build a ruff squeeze page by doing a search for creating sign up pages) As we get older sometimes we are not as teachable, we think we know everything.

2. They are free to join and use, you can join and click for as many visitors as you want.

This means broad appeal, free or inexpensive website traffic. What website owner or affiliate marketer does not need website traffic?

3. Traffic exchanges work, and it is instant traffic that you will receive.

It is not like putting up links somewhere and hoping someone will come along sometime and click your link. You know you will get as many people viewing your site that you pay or click to get. You do not have to wait weeks or months to get traffic , and you know exactly how many visitors you will get.

4. It is easy to refer new members and when you refer new members guess what this means? More free traffic!

See when you refer new members, traffic exchanges reward you with bonus credits and credits when your new referrals surf. Traffic exchanges have actually been one of the easiest traffic programs ever to refer new people too!

5. It is targeted traffic, everyone who is surfing in a traffic exchange is an opportunity seeker of some kind.

This means every eyeball that views your site is a potential sale or lead, they are all trying to build a success full business. People just do not join traffic exchanges because they have nothing better to do, they are there for a purpose.

6. New people join traffic exchanges everyday.

This is a constant flow of new eyeballs to view your products and offers 365 days a year, it can not get any better than that!

7. There are hundreds of traffic exchanges, you are not limited to one marketing source or one group of opportunity seekers.

If one traffic exchange is not performing that well, you have lots of options, its not like trying to do seo and get top page ranking in Google, and if you cant you are screwed because nobody is going to see your site.

8. You have no risk ,there is nothing you can lose by marketing in traffic exchanges when done properly.

If you are using splash or squeeze pages and are branding yourself with your name and pic, you will build credibility and get to know other marketers, you will generate sales, leads and traffic. Even if you have upgraded in an exchange……..say the average upgrade is ten bucks a month……..thats not much of a risk. Try doing a ppc campaign and flop down $1000 bucks and get two sales out of the deal….I have seen it more than once.

9. Traffic exchanges offer the opportunity through referrals to build a huge residual traffic flow.

That will regenerate itself every month, and eventually you will never have to surf again and your traffic will keep on a coming!! It is unlike any other marketing in the fact that you can literally create a self propagating traffic flow without constant effort from you. No other marketing online is like this.

10. This is one of my favorites, traffic exchanges will even pay you……yes pay you!

If you refer people to traffic exchanges some people understand the value of upgrading and they will, most traffic exchanges do an excellent job promoting to their members the numerous benefits to upgrading. Not to mention the ten reasons I have just listed, I am myself am upgraded in twenty or so traffic exchanges and I get paid from every one of them. Not to bad when your traffic generation programs pay you on top of giving some really great traffic. And the nice thing about referring members to traffic exchanges is you do not need to sell them on upgrading the traffic exchanges do it for you.

Now you know why I teach traffic exchange marketing and why it works so well, I use other forms of marketing at times but I spend 95% of my time using traffic exchanges and safelist to build my email marketing list. Your efforts spent there pays very well in income and traffic. With any and all marketing online there is always stuff you need to learn to get the maximum results……….and that is the key, finding someone to model or follow  that is willing to teach you success full marketing techniques.

You will join a lot of traffic programs in your quest for financial freedom but by all means do not jump from income opportunity to income opportunity because it does not work in a month, every one has a learning curve and a real business takes time to build. The first business you should be building anyway is your traffic business, not your income business………….you will understand this better as you go, and by reading this post again. If you have traffic you can sell anything, you do not want to become a slave to your internet business and if you always have to keep inventing ways to generate traffic you will be!


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