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Richard Weberg

Hey my friends, and yes I am writing yet again about Now LifeStyle. For those of you who do not know me yet, my son John Weberg and I are building a massive team in a business opportunity called Now LifeStyle, this will be the next billion dollar MLM company in the health and wellness niche. So in this blog post, I am really expanding upon why we chose Now LifeStyle and what the opportunity truly presents to those of you who really want to change your life and maybe earn a million dollars a year eventually.

We have personally known the owner and CEO, Joel Therien for years, and I have actually been paid from Joel Therien and the parent company of Now LifeStyle, (GVO) for over a decade already. This is a picture of me, my son John, Joel Therien, and his partner Mike Potvin in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, where we spent 10 days together.

This is a REAL company, with a state of the art data center located in Schertz, Texas. Global Virtual Opportunities INC, 6701 Guada Coma Dr. Schertz,Texas, USA, 78154.

GVO the parent company owns and operates its complete infrastructure. There is absolutely no middle man when it comes to GVO! Their hosting and marketing systems which we use in Now LifeStyle are developed and implemented from servers in their state-of-the-art data center. They are rock solid financially!

Joel Therien has been involved in this industry a very long time, and his company has a proven track record. Joel (GVO) has has already paid out over $100,000,000.00 in commissions, and plans to build Now LifeStyle into a billion dollar company over the next few years!

So why are we sharing this information with you..?

Well, because if you are at all looking to build a real income online, it is VERY important to position your self with a real company that already has a proven track record..Would you not agree that this is important?

Unfortunately, 95% of everything online, most people are trying to promote and earn money with, is nothing more, then a guy or gal sitting behind a computer screen, who bought a make money online script, and put it up on some web hosting…Most of these programs are pure crap, and you will never make anything with them.

Have you ever had a program online not pay you what you were owed?

Have you ever sent in a support ticket and the so called business (program) never responds?

Have you ever promoted some program, and it has vanished, never to be seen again?

Have you ever fallen for investment schemes, ones that promise you daily interest or a return on an investment, including ones with bitcoin, or revenue share programs? By the way that is the definition of an illegal ponzi scheme, no one can promise interest on money spent, that is illegal, no matter how you word it.

Okay, I can relate totally, because I have fallen for the wrong things when I first got started as well, all I knew was I wanted to make some money, and I did not know any better. I wasted a lot of time, and have had to start over several times.

This is why this post is so important, over the last 15 years of doing this stuff I learned many very valuable lessons, and have created a ton of residual income, like being paid from one company for over a decade, that is pretty important, as I am sure you understand and want, right?

So my first few years were kind of a mess trying to make this stuff work, but my last 10+ have been VERY REWARDING, in fact over 6+ figures annually.

I learned how to master this stuff and aligned my self with a real company. I have literally met people who have been failing at this stuff for over ten years, people that are constantly spinning their plates and promoting all the wrong things, programs that they can never build any real income with. I actually know some really experienced marketers, who are constantly having to try and justify what they promote to their list, because every couple months it is something else, and half of everything they do gets shut down or vanishes…

They keep falling for the same old hyped up pitches and schemes..This is one reason that more people never reach the true freedom lifestyle, is they never align them self with a real company..Let me show you what happens for people that do, take a look at this.

That image and data is from 2013, imagine what some of them earn yearly now? Can you imagine years ago, if you had joined, a company like, Amway, Herbalife, Le-vel, Melaleuca, Nu skin or Organo Gold in the very beginning and kept building your business..? They are all billion dollar companies now, some of them multi..

Imagine for a minute what kind of lifestyle you would have, had
you..These were very smart people, don’t you think..?

Now think about this, success leaves clues…

What are some of the things those companies all have in common?

1. Consumer driven, meaning people actually buy the product, who are not interested in building a business. Cool concept right? You actually have customers…This means you still make money some of the time, when people are not interested in building it as a business..

2. Multiple types of products, yes, they have more then one product people can purchase. This is an absolute must, as well as number 1, because this expands the number of potential people who will purchase something.

3. MLM, all of those companies have a multi-tiered compensation plan of some kind. This creates leverage, one of the only true ways to create real wealth, for the average person. Think about this, how many sales can you personally make each month..? Now what about if you have a team with 10,000 people in it, and you make a little bit off of what your whole team does each month as well?? Now how about when you have 50,000 people in your team?? And that is the same for every person, who builds a team.

Does that all make sense?

Here is another way to explain it. Let’s say all you are trying to promote online are business building products or services, as an example, a sales page creator, or website traffic. Now the only people who would be interested in this, is people who want to build a business online, that is it. And when they stop building a business online, they stop buying it, because they do not need it anymore. But…If you are also selling something consumable that people would use and consume in their daily life, such as many of the products those companies sell above that I mentioned, you could also be making tons of other sales that happen over and over again, with out any further effort on your part. See if you have a consumable product that helps some one in their life, feel better, save them money, or have better health, guess what they do..? They keep buying it!

If you are not selling physical consumable products that people can touch, feel, eat or use in their daily life, you are missing out big time!!

So, with all this information I just gave you, why Now LifeStyle and not one of the other companies I mentioned above..?

1. Those companies above have already seen their most explosive growth, they have been around for many years and are already billion dollar companies. Not saying they do not work anymore, obviously they are massive companies.

2. Those companies are mostly old school marketing still, person to person, make a list of your family and friends, nightly hotel and home meetings, call everyone on the phone. (Some people still love doing it this way.)

3. Lower total in commissions paid, because those companies do not have digitally (online) delivered products as well, that are commission-able. Now LifeStyle on the digital side pays up to 90% commissions on certain digital products. Physical products have a higher cost associated with them, because of manufacturing, shipping, etc. So most commissions on physical products see a high of some where between 15 to 25%. Having the highly commission-able digital products as well, means more people make larger commissions way faster, which is extremely important in building your team, and having explosive growth.

And remember that state-of-the-art data center located in Schertz, Texas that I mentioned Now LifeStyle (GVO) owns. They established this data center 7 years before multi-billion dollar Amazon.com even found out about this top technology business park! This is a massive advantage, technology, is all about fiber optics! This shows you how smart the company and CEO, Joel Therien are!

Now LifeStyle was born because of Joel Therien’s passion for internet marketing, and health and fitness. His company has created the first hybrid of its kind in the MLM space. There is no other health and wellness company that provides both commission-able internet marketing tools, including an autoresponder and full lead capture system, and consumable physical products as Now LifeStyle does. Now LifeStyle even offers guaranteed paid personal downline sign ups, this is an industry first!!

Because of the unique features Now LifeStyle has, entrepreneurs can build their business both face to face old school marketing or totally online at https://trustedbrokerz.com/trading-software/ using technology. Either way, the technology side of Now LifeStyle will help anyone reach a whole lot more people, faster then ever before!!

There you have it folks, this blog post of mine basically describes why me and my Son, have made this home, and why we are pouring all of our resources into building our Now LifeStyle team. All of our training’s, videos, and webinars are dedicated to helping our fellow team mates build a healthier and wealthier life!

Check out this video of me and John in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, you will see how we truly feel about this company, Joel Therien, and the Now LifeStyle opportunity.


My son and I both lead extremely busy lives, and our team is absolutely exploding, we are top income producers in Now LifeStyle, and can only help out those people that are very serious and committed to absolute success! We do not have time to answer questions from people that are tire kickers or professional program joiners.

To your success my friend!
Richard Weberg And John Weberg

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Hello Everyone, My name is Richard Weberg, I am happily married and have
3 wonderful children, well they are all men now…God that makes me feel old..
I am full-time blogger and affiliate marketing expert. I have been helping people make money online now for over 18 years!

I turned to internet marketing in 2003 because our local economy was literally in the toilet! It took me two years of jumping from business to business banging my head against the wall before I figured out how to profit online. You are not alone there is a solution.

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