February 27, 2017 11:41 pm

Richard Weberg

I am going to be completely honest here today with

And am going to give you the total truth..some of it,
you may have a completely different opinion on, and that is
just fine.

I want you to be able to see “why” Me and My son John,
have chosen Now Lifestyle to make our home with, and

Now, I have about 14 years experience marketing online,
and in this time frame I have seen a lot of things happen,
and crap tons of programs completely disappear and go belly up.

So this information and review is based off of real experience,
not some hyped up garbage just to get you to join us in Now
LifeStyle..This information will benefit you in personal decisions
on what you decide to promote in the future. No matter what it is.

So here goes the first truth..

I have been ripped off online, more times then I care
to count.

How have I been ripped off?

A. Program/Product owners failing to pay me my
commissions owed.
b. Program/Poduct owners closing down a program with no
prior warning.
c. Program/Product owners claiming they have been
hacked, and having no back ups,
then they put back up the site and downline and
commissions have vanished.
d. Program/Product owners spending all the money, and
then claiming they have no money to pay you.

Over the years, this has accounted in me losing
personally tens of thousands of dollars, and hundreds of hours

See most things you are promoting online, are only a
person who bought a script, and they put it on a hosting
account. They are a one or two person army, the program or
product is just in all actuality a person sitting behind a
computer screen, nothing else.

Most of the times these people have no experience how a
business runs, and when anything goes wrong or they
need the money, they spend peoples hard earned commissions,
instead of paying commissions owed first. They do not
understand that their business must come first, otherwise they
will have no business..

Usually they never have back ups of their database, so
in the event of a serious problem, everything in the
database is gone…and so is your money..

So our number 1 reason for making Now LifeStyle our
home and future is..

1. This is not just some guy or gal sitting behind
their computer, who threw up a script and has no idea how
business works.

Joel Therien owns a real company and has over 18 years
experience, he owns his own data centers (this is
huge), he has been paying out commissions like clock work for

GVO his parent company actually has members that have
become millionaires, and many more who earn a full time living
online. This is fact, not fiction…I have been a member of GVO for years!

Another truth is, most programs online have no

Since my 14 years online, I have seen thousands of
programs, vanish or relaunched under different names..
The shelf life of most programs, is 6 months to 2

Again this goes back to the first issue I talked about
in the beginning of this email.

Some programs never publish who the owners are because
they have no plans of being online very long, they want to
make their money and then vanish without you ever knowing
who the program owner is..

So our number 2 reason for making Now LifeStyle our
home and future is..

2. It is run by a real company, not just some guy or
gal sitting behind their computer, who threw up a script
and has no idea how business works.

A company with 18 years of experience, and a real track
record for helping others succeed..

Their vision for Now LifeStyle is to build it into a
billion dollar company..

Remember they own a data center, they have employees to
support the growth..

This is not just hype, no promise of instant riches, a
company one can build real wealth with, and grow for
many years to come…

Another truth, most programs online have no product
with any real value..

If all your selling is digital information, that
information becomes old, out dated and worthless.

And consumption is a key to success, what people can
keep consuming over and over again, because they “want it or
need it”, plays a massive part in building real wealth
online or off.

Example: web hosting, autoresponder service, traffic
all are consumable online with a much higher value, because
with out these things, no website or blog, or social network,
hell the internet would not exist!!

Think even about facebook, they have hosting on a
server in a data center, they have autoresponders that send you
messages, so they NEED those things, without them they
do not exist… Traffic (people) is the core of their
business model and their billions! Remember they sell
advertising…Their model of making money is totally
based off of your consumption of needing to interact with
other people, it is something all humans desire and need to
survive. Hence why facebook the company is so

So what do most programs we are trying to make money
with provide us with?

Most of the time not very much, and
most of the time the product we are promoting is one

The internet itself evolves and changes constantly, and
the digital side of it, is only one aspect.

For years in my own marketing, what has been missing in
my portfolio of opportunities is a physical product,
something people could buy and consume off line.

A real highly wanted and needed physical product, that
could be consumed over and over again.

So our number 3 reason for making Now LifeStyle our
home and future is..

3. Now LifeStyle has has both digital products that can
be consumed and used online, and physical products that
can be consumed and used offline.

And in an industry that is absolutely exploding, health
and wellness. EuroMonitor report that the health and
wellness industry will be worth $1 trillion globally in 2017

Think about this..

How many times have you done a search online for
something to do with your health and wellness?

How many products have you or your family bought over
the years online or offline, including gym memberships,
books, weight loss equipment or that have any thing to do with
losing weight, getting healthier, or specialty vitamins or

People are becoming more and more health conscience,
trying to live a longer, healthier life.

Pretty much every single person I know takes some kind
of vitamin or supplement, I know my family does..

So to us these are the perfect highly consumable
products, I want to make money with and purchase for my own family,
we already purchase them anyway..

The perfect industry.

So for my last truth…

Most programs and companies compensation plans suck

And have no scaled up products in which to earn higher
commissions from..

Please pay attention to this.

Think about this, if you have a product you only make a
$10 commission from, how many sales would you have to do
monthly in order to earn $3000.00 a month?

A whopping 300 sales a month! The average marketer can
not accomplish 300 sales a month..Not even close..Most
people with a ton of experience can not do this either..

How about a $25 commission then, that is still 120
sales a month..

Let me ask you now, how close are you to that many
sales every month?

I know everyone wants to make money for free, but it is
not going to happen, you have to have some sort of top tier
products to earn from in order to make good money..

Or be in a very high paying mlm with great products
(that are very highly consumable, and pays extremely well..

You can not do it in a mlm, that pays 50 cents or a
dollar for people in depth, it just will never happen..

To be completely honest, it is better for someone with
hardly any experience to sell a product with a $500.00
commissions then a $10 one, because it is no more
difficult to do.

So our number 4 reason for making Now LifeStyle our
home and future is..

1. Now Life Style has two Incredible compensation
plans, both of which are highlighted by videos on this page.

Now Life Style Compensation Plan

Now LifeStyle has a variety of products and price
points to earn commissions from, including top tier, and both
digital and physical consumable products.

You will have real customers here, that purchase over
and over again, because the products are needed and wanted
online, and needed and wanted offline.

Well, there you have our main reasons for making Now
LifeStyle our home and where our future is..

Now LifeStyle answers the most important questions.

Will this be a viable company for years to come and
will we get paid, and can we build a massive income with Now

And can we be proud to offer these products and
services to others…

..And our answer is definitely YES!

All the short comings of other things we promoted in
the past is solved.

If this sounds like something you want to pursue, AND
you have a strong work ethic, commitment and focus – reach
out to us.

You can also learn more here:
Review Now LifeStyle

Lock in your spot in our team today, we will be
building an empire together.

To Your Success
Richard Weberg

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About the Author

Hello Everyone, My name is Richard Weberg, I am happily married and have
3 wonderful children, well they are all men now…God that makes me feel old..
I am full-time blogger and affiliate marketing expert. I have been helping people make money online now for over 18 years!

I turned to internet marketing in 2003 because our local economy was literally in the toilet! It took me two years of jumping from business to business banging my head against the wall before I figured out how to profit online. You are not alone there is a solution.

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