Please allow WOOT..To RE-Introduce itself!

This is what WOOT, really means…

Did you just say Woot..?

Yep sure did…

…To me that basically means , Holy crap this is exciting!!

Whooper exciting…

15 plus years, never been this excited..Might want to pay attention my friend..

It is all about the value, and what this does to the old pocket book..

Some of you may not understand this, that are reading this, that are new to doing this..

But I am floored…

Done For You Lead Capture System
Done For You Lead Capture Pages
Done For You Follow Up Emails
Webinar Links
Facebook Live Links
Facebook advertising system
Guaranteed Paid Sign Ups
Done for you Facebook leads
Done for you webinars
On demand workouts
Customized nutrition
Full blown Autoresponder with 50,000 subscriber capacity
Web conferencing software/Facebook integration


If there seriously was ever a time, you wanted to change your life COMPLETELY…?

And a year from now, be laughing all the way to the bank…



And we are still only just getting started..

Your time..?

Decide Time..?

Life multiplied by 10 X

Or life not multiplied by 10X..?

This is truly the greatest opportunity, I have ever been part of or ever seen in my life!!

Cost wise, upside wise..

I have owned traditional retail stores, paid $4000.00 monthly just for my rent at one of my stores…

How about 50 bucks, and you can earn 10X more then what I earned owning multiple retail stores…

Yea..For REAL!!

We are already doing it, might want to follow a long here my friend..

Our team is absolutely blowing this UP!


Your friends
Richard And John Weberg

P.S The webinar software has launched and is now available, next our store will be finished and ready for everyone…Incomes are exploding..Woot..Woot!!

Let connect and be friends!
Now Life Style™ Get Fit And A Fat Wallet!
Products and a compensation plan designed for massive wealth!

Become a true Founding member in what will be the Now Lifestyle Legacy

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