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Richard Weberg

What Is The Top Rated Income Opportunity For 2013?


By far GVO’S Hosthenprofit ranks in my book as the top income opportunity for 2013, not only as an income opportunity, but as well as support and over all value for what you are getting in return for your paid membership. I have been a member of GVOS hosthenprofit for over a year now and have to admit as time passes I am even more impressed and excited than when I first joined. GVO is constantly striving to increase the value we get as members, by offering more products and services and even larger commissions without increasing the cost to us as members.

The Founders of GVO really get it,  Joel Therien  Ceo/President, Mike Potvin VP/Marketing Director, they understand what drives a successful business online, the affiliates and customers and that you have to continually give back to them in order to have a long term successful company.

And boy do they give back to us, in the form of products and commissions. Here is what $9.97 a month gets you.

1. Web-hosting

Before you can start up a business – any business – customers need to be able to find you.
On the Internet, your address is your domain name; the part of an Internet address that
comes after the www. With the unparalleled growth of the Internet, dot com domain names
continue to sell like hotcakes. Currently, there are more than 20 million dot com domains,
and over 34 million total domains registered worldwide.

Industry experts forecast that more than 500 million websites will be registered in the next ten years. In fact, reliable sources from companies like Intel are predicting that every personal computer
in the future will have its own domain name (web address).

2. Autoresponders

Did you know that if you do not automatically collect the name, email and possibly a phone number from someone when they visit your website that the chances of them ever visiting your site again (this includes affiliate links) is less than .001%.

YES… 99.99% of people will never visit your site again if you do not capture their name and email! Guess what. Autoresponders will do it for you automatically! Build your email contact list of those who want to hear more from you and you will automatically build your incomes!

3. Easy blogger builder

Want to build a wordpress blog, but dont know how?? This is simple as clicking a few buttons.

4. Easy video producer

5. Gvo conference

6. Gvo Academy

What would you pay for daily and weekly training, by some of the top trainers in Internet Marketing, Network Marketing, Blogging, Video Marketing and so much more?

At GVO Academy, you’ll get this training FREE with your Hosting Account.

7. A Prospecting System


And if the products I just listed above are not enough, I just received an email two days ago from Joel Therien updating us of things to come..

A. We will be releasing a new version of our auto responder that quite frankly no one has the features that we have. I’ll give you a hint, it will heavily integrate with Easy Video Producer as video sales letters in combination with your email marketing are very, very important.

B. We have radically simplified getting websites online for people. This year for all new clients we will be hands on in also building sites for them, to guarantee that no matter what their tech skills are they will have their very own website. Our stats show that once someone gets a site live with us, their lifetime value goes through the roof.

C. GVO conference and Meetcheap:

Well we will be releasing our much anticipated new version of GVO conference. With this version you will be able to talk with up to 10 people at the same time!! We will also be releasing our RSVP module something that is really needed, it will directly attach to your autoresponder.

The products were already enough, now with these additions there is no matched system online, NONE! Literally everything you need to build a successful business online all under one roof!


Oh, and I almost forgot….

8. A Income compensation plan that is literally UNMATCHED!! ****


For every 5 paid clients you bring into Hosthenprofit within a calendar week you will receive an additional onetime bonus of $100! Bring in 10 in a week and receive $200, 15 and you receive $300, etc. (how hard do you think it is to bring 5 paid referrals at ($9.97) Its affordable for every one!


For every 100 paid clients you bring into Hostthenprofit over any period of time. Collect a $500.00 Residual BONUS every month on top of your regular commissions!


To put money in your pocket fast! We pay a very healthy 50% commission on the first month of all your new paid direct sales. Example: You sign up 10 people in one month; you would receive 50% commission on those people, plus all your existing commissions on all the people that fall into your matrix!


* Any paid direct sales (direct referral) you will collect a 20% matching check commission on their total sales. Example: If one of your direct sale (direct referrals) accumulates $2000 in downline commissions, you will collect an extra $400 in that month on top of your regular commissions.


Refer two people and leverage down 6 levels in our matrix. Refer 4 total and leverage other peoples work a full 10 levels.

For a Total Payout of Over 300% In Bonus Commissions!

Other companies pay out 10 levels, but not like this, and not like the bonuses like the ones listed above. I have been paid from GVOS Hosthenprofit since day 1 Like clockwork!

On time, and always correct, it has been very easy to refer people, I had my first referrals the same day I signed up, and have gained referrals steadily every month since! I have made a TON of money from GVOS system, both directly through building my GVO downline and indirectly through using there help and tools to build my email marketing list!

There is no where else online you can get all these tools and income for only $9.97 a month, again this is affordable to anyone

Want to join the Top Rated Income Opportunity For 2013??

You can learn more here now, and start 2013 off right.

Lock In Your 7 Day $1.00 Trial Now!

I truly believe from experience marketing over the last 8 plus years, that GVOS Hosthenprofit will offer you the best opportunity for HUGE success

in 2013.

Tell the next post, if you have any questions or comments please post them here would love to hear from you.


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