January 28, 2015 4:53 am

Richard Weberg

I just answered a support question from someone, and I wont list who its from, but it is a very good question, and I am glad he asked me it…I have had this question asked of me many times over the years from people…

Here is the question:

Hi Rich, I was just wondering about the fact that I have had many people join under me in your 8 steps program, and that’s it! Nothing else! Is it possible to implement a program into your 8 steps that would eliminate ALL the tire kickers? THANKS

Now keep in mind in this person asking me this question, as it took this person over 1 year to put 45 members into a free to join program..And he has a couple commission payments, this person was frustrated believing a lot more should have happened. I know many people can relate to this in free to join programs they have promoted. I also looked at his referrals and most of them came from third world countries where English wasn’t a language well spoken.

Now here was my response to his question..

With a free to join program, there is no way to do this, except to inspire, motivate them, train them, and increase conversion with in the site, and we are always working on this, just keep putting in referrals, and eventually you will hit some that are ready to go now, and some of your older referrals will become active at some point, its getting a compounding effect of finding new members who are ready to go now, and some of your older referrals getting active, I don’t know what your magic number will be. But we see it all the time, we had one guy refer 4 people and he made over $300 in commissions directly from Youreightsteps pro upgrade, cause one upgraded to elite and one other took the lifetime pro, and he was an elite member himself, so he made 90% on those two upgrades, those two people went on to join all the other programs in Youreightsteps, so he made many other commissions as well..

There are many factors that influence this, such as where and who are you advertising to, as well as, are you following up with these people via your autoresponder as well?

You also never know when your ready to go now’s will come or when older referrals will become ready, one of the worst things someone can do is stop and switch your effort to something else, because You are invested in what you are doing, I am successful with Youreightsteps because I never stop, it is like this with any program online I promote, I am successful with them, because I never stop…I keep building my list and traffic and referrals and everything starts to follow, it doesn’t matter what you are promoting, but the worse thing people do is stop…. This is why so few people are successful online, plain and simple because they get discouraged and stop before everything start to happen…Its just like a deck of cards you just keep flipping until you find some aces, then you keep flipping tell you find some more…

This is why as well the better you get at marketing, the faster your success, because when you learn how to go from 1 to 3 opt-ins a day and one referral a day, to doing 20 to 50 new opt-ins a day, and 5+ referrals everyday into a program, of course you find other aces waaaaaaaaaay faster….Everyone has a learning curve and the longer you market online the better you become at it…

This is why the failure rate for online marketing is so high, our expectations don’t truly match the results we are getting. Meaning putting in 5 people in a month to a free to join program may seem like a lot to most, but in the reality of online marketing, you have to become very efficient at it, and build bigger numbers a lot faster then that to get the results you desire.

The 80/20 rule applies online, just like at peoples jobs or businesses. Pareto Principle (also known as the 80–20 rule, the law of the vital few, and the principle of factor sparsity) Example: 80% of the production at ones job, comes from 20% of its employees. 80% of a company’s profits come from 20% of its customers. 80% of a company’s complaints come from 20% of its customers. 80% of a company’s sales are made by 20% of its sales staff…etc

Its no different with any program online, like Youreightsteps, 80% of our sales made are by 20% or less of our whole membership base…And that’s what will be the same effect in your list, your referrals gained, commissions earned.. It will come from the 20%…So I learned along time ago, do not look at what your referrals are DOING EVER, just go find some more, I have no idea what all my referrals are doing, some people sit and monitor them like a hawk, they know when they logged in last, and etc…That is a total WASTE OF YOUR TIME!! That’s time spent where you could have spent getting another opt-in, referral and sale…Use your time building your business, monitoring what your referrals are doing does not help you build your business at all..Go find your 20%, always think in terms of how can I put more subscribers on my list today, how can I put more referrals in my program today, and that will lead you to what you should spend your time doing to get the results you desire…..KEEP BUILDING MORE TRAFFIC TO YOUR SQUEEZE PAGES….

End of my answer…And for everyone reading this who has ever been frustrated by a similar situation, please read through my answer a few times and truly understand this, I have been doing this a very long time, my success came through not quitting when I was frustrated and getting better at the whole process and as I did, my successes became more and more..

You have to persevere and remain strong, I do not care what you are promoting online, you will have a break through, that is if you do not keep quitting…

Richard Weberg

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